Forces inimical to India’s diversity of religion, region receiving encouragement at national level: NC

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By KNO on 28/01/2019.

Forces inimical to India’s diversity of religion, region receiving encouragement at national level: NC

Jammu, January 28: National Conference (NC) Additional General Secretary, Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamaal on Monday said that paramedical sciences is the backbone of the medical profession and the paramedics and medical doctors have a vital link with each other especially in the health care delivery in health institutions from the biggest to  the smallest institution across the country.

Dr Kamaal was addressing the staff, students and the audience at the annual day function of “Dr. Gafoor Institute of Para-Medical Sciences” at Akhnoor. On the occasion, the students put up a cultural programme of dance and music including patriotic songs and skits praising the freedom fighters of India’s freedom struggle and the defence forces.

According to a statement issued to KNO, Dr. Kamaal lamented that forces inimical to India’s diversity of religion, region, language, colour, caste and creed are receiving encouragement by the establishment at the national level which is jeopardizing unity and integrity as a Nation.

“India’s strength is its pluralastic ethos and its diversity of culture and religion”, he said, adding that our constitution stands guarantee to equal rights and opportunities and fair and just treatments to all citizens.

“By giving covert and overt support to sectarian forces that are hell bent upon dividing the people is against the very spirit of our constitution which will lead to anarchy”, he said and exhorted the people to thwart the nefarious designs   of elements inimical to peace and tranquility.

Dr. Kamaal referred to the gesture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of kneeling before the Parliament and kissing its steps on his first day as Prime Minister in 2014 and hoped that the gesture is needed to be matched with deeds.

Dr Kamaal reminded the audience that was the legendary Sher-I- Kashmir Late Sheikh Mohd Abdullah who said in 1947 “Sher –I- Kashmir Ka Kiya Irshad – Hindu Muslim- Sikh etihad” which put the communal frenzy, sweeping the Indian Sub- Continent at bay in Kashmir and not even one Non- Muslim was harmed.

He hoped that New Delhi will take steps to end the three decade old unrest and militancy in J&K by taking effective steps of engaging all stake holders including our neighbour in a sincere and meaningful dialogue as also restoring J&K constitutional position to its pristine glory.

Strong Arm tactics have not paid off anywhere in the world but on the contrary made matters worse, he observed. “Altering constitutional position through dubious means over the years is the basic cause of the present unrest in J&K”, he said adding that the political problem of Kashmir must be addressed urgently.

“Restoring the original position and silencing antagonist once and for all is the key  to peace in the region especially in J&K and progress which has been badly effected will receive  the much needed impetus”, he added.

In the end Dr. Kamaal had words of encouragement and praise for the students Staff and management of the institute and wished them success in life and expressed hope that Dr. Gafoor Ahmad, Chairman, Dr. Fazzan Ahmad and Farhan Ahmad both Directors of this paramedical