Handing over Rattle power project to NHPC

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By CNS on 30/01/2019.

Handing over Rattle power project to NHPC

KCSDC raises serious objections,Asks Governor to desist from the proposal


Srinagar, Jan 30: Governor administration is contemplating award of 850MW-Rattle Power Project to NHPC in a joint venture with JKSPDC. The report is quite disturbing owing to the fact that NHPC’s performance in the past has remained questionable apart from that there has been a public outcry for taking over of previous projects under their control. After a successful launch of 900MW-Bhagliar, JKSPDC has proved its capacity to take up the Rattle Project for execution provided they are supported by the Government and encouraged by people.

This matter concerns all citizens of Jammu and Kashmir who suffer on account of insufficient and erratic  power supply that has non only impacted their day to day affairs but have also hampered their economic development.

As a responsible journalists and voice of hapless,  I request you to publish some analytical stories on the issue advocating for execution of all power projects only in the state sector besides carrying the statements of civil societies,  chambers etc on this account.

Our civil society group KCSDS has released the following statement on the issue which may kindly be published prominently in your esteemed dailies.

Thanks and regards

Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) has  taken  strong objection  to the  present  administration’s move for  yet another sell out of a viable power project Rattle to the same  organisation namely NHPC that has been  involved in the loot and plunder of state’s water resources for decades.

In an emergency  meeting, the members expressed their extreme  dismay over Governor’s  taking decisions which have long term  negative implications for the economic growth  and political power of the state.

“Rattle Power project is a clean and comparatively less complex  project with all clearances in hand and as such is  not at all  difficult to be taken up exclusively in  the state sector  without involving any outside  partner”, observed the members.

A decision regarding handing over Rattle Power project to NHPC will be a  move  to  undermine  the economic interests of the state  and disempowering further the citizens who have been agitating against this “rogue”  corporation for a long now.

KCSDS wants  to remind the Governor that NHPC has not only exploited the state’s water resources for their own benefits,  but have also halted the overall economic development of the state by unprecedented delays in the implementation of projects handed over to it  in the past. How could  the state govt  hand over to it a new project on a platter  when  its  past performance  has been dismal? Projects like Salal and Dul Hasti which should normally have taken 5-6 years, NHPC took more than two decades  to make them  completely  operational. The projects of Burser and Pakel Dul allotted to it  in the year 1999-2000  for making them operational  in ten years time by 2010,  are yet to be started by  it. The joint venture company Chenab Valley Power Projects (P)  Ltd set up with NHPC has been a non starter despite lapse of 8 years.

KCSDS demands immediate scrapping of the joint venture company CVPPPL besides initiating the process for taking over from NHPC all the power projects which  it holds illegally and unconstitutionally .

KCSDS warns the Governor administration of severe public agitation if any new deal with  NHPC in respect of Rattle power project  is struck in gross  violation of  citizens’ rights and interests of the state economy.