Inspiring Stories of Kashmiri Women Changing the Scenario

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By KNB on 10/01/2019.

Inspiring Stories of Kashmiri Women Changing the Scenario

Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 10 Jan: Through the century’s women has played a diverse role in society to ensure the stability, progress, and peace development amidst the social issues and restrictions as a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter. The Kashmir is not an exception as women of Kashmir has prospered in every field. People have misconception that women are suppressed in Kashmir. Kashmiri Women are equally empowered and have successfully achieved the heights in the field of science, medicine, aviation, education and in entrepreneurship.

Two budding Young inspiration women, Wani sumaira a real estate, tour and travel business women and  Nadia Baqal a young budding photo journalist  are among those hundreds of the successful women achievers of the Valley of Kashmir.

Talking to KNB Nadia Baqal an emerging photo journalist said, “From my childhood I was interested in photography as I used to watch the programs on Animal planet which inspired me to become a photographer and used to click the pictures of the different objects.  My friend Ansab Sadiya discovered the hidden talent of mine and she suggested and encouraged to choose this field.

“It is very difficult as a female to choose such field for profession. Whenever we have to go on field work, people always criticize. But success is not possible until you face and tolerate such things and with time everything starts to fit at right place and at right time

Another inspiring girl namely  Sumaira wani   from Srinagar who  is successfully  conducting the  business  of share marketing, real estate and tour and travel settings an example for the youths of the Valley especially the aspiring girls .

Narrating the story of success to KNB she said, “I started my career as an insurance policy agent back in 2014 but I miserably failed to cope with the job which served as a lesson and I learnt a lot about the reality of life.

“I was always interested in business and had a dream to become a successful business women and worked hard to achieve my dream. My parents did not supported me initially as they were not able to understand what I was trying to do, they stressed to go for the government job  but with the time they supported me.

“My message would be like that, “Parents should supports their children especially the girls to pursue their dream. They should believe on themselves and what they do instead of focusing on sayings of the people around us.

Men and women have different attitude towards the failure and success , a man is  metaphored as iron , which is more brittle to break but the women is much more flexible just like a flexible branch of the tree which bends amid the calamities and are hardest to break. Now Kashmiri women is coming forward to pursue their despite knowing that Kashmir is a conflict zone