Is telephone conversation from Pakistan to India international violation or illegal

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By FK WEB DESK on 31/01/2019.

Is telephone conversation from Pakistan to India international violation or illegal

Jammu, Jan 31:  Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Prof.Bhim Singh, an expert on international law & elected Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association expressed surprise on the reaction of India’s Foreign Ministry over alleged conversation of Pakistan’s Foreign Minister with J&K’s Hurriyat Conference Chairman, may be last evening. NPP Supremo reminded Indian leadership that telecommunication system between India and Pakistan has been operating under an organized system of international law.


There is no ban on any citizen of Pakistan to talk to any citizen of India. All these conversations/talks are appropriately recorded by the telecommunication system which is available to the country’s concern. He expressed surprise that India’s Foreign Secretary speaking on behalf of India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reacted in such a language which cannot be appreciated by any citizen of the world.


NPP Supremo asked the Govt. of India to inform the nation about the violation of International Code of Conduct during the telephonic talk between Pakistan’s Foreign Minister and Indian citizen who is Chairman of Hurriyat Conference. Prof.Bhim Singh also demanded an explanation from the Prime Minister of India on the allegation that talk between Pakistan’s Foreign Minister and Indian citizen (Umar Farooq) amounted to “officially abetting and encouraging individuals associated with terrorism and anti-India activities.


NPP Supremo questioned the Foreign Secretary how and it what manner, conversation by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister with an Indian citizen, was ‘deplorable act’ and how this talk could be termed by Foreign Secretary as, “The strongest terms of the latest brazen attempt by Pakistan to subvert India’s unity and to violate our sovereignty and territorial integrity, by none other than the Pakistan Foreign Minister.” 


NPP Supremo has visited Pakistan several times on the invitation of Pak Lawyers’ Congress and others. He said that the people of Pakistan love to live in peace with India. India and Pakistan were one family just seven decades back. They share cultural, linguistic, geographical and even climatic environments. It was only the British conspiracy that a great family was split in 1947. NPP Supremo admired the Constitution of India which has guaranteed in Article 25 that,“Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion”.


This Article invoked by the Constituent Assembly defeated the two-nation theory which led to the division of India. He (Bhim Singh) felt surprise on the silence of Hon’ble Members of Parliament for observing silence on such issues which are sensitive and deserve to be followed religiously. He agreed that Foreign Secretary was right in conveying to Pakistan that, “J&K has been, is and shall remain the integral part of India.


He questioned the Parliament that J&K is integral part of India, why Indian Constitution and Flag has not been extended to J&K in 73 years? The Govt. of India should answer this question being asked by over one billion citizens of India. Jan Sangh, presently, BJP had been abusing the Congress for keeping J&K away from the Indian Constitution and Flag.


The BJP has been ruling the nation for over 16 years and where is that slogan/manifesto of this party? Why the people of J&K have remained denied of the Indian Constitution, Fundamental Rights as well as Indian Flag? An Indian citizen from Kashmir is being rebuked for talking to Pak Foreign Minister. Bhim Singh asked why not to give Indian Flag & Constitution to the Indian citizens in J&K first. Then charge them for talking to Pak’s Foreign Minister.