Kashmiri students got talent, plaint of brain drain , execute measures

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By Fast Kashmir on 09/01/2019.

Kashmiri students got talent, plaint of brain drain , execute measures

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Srinagar, Jan 09: Talent is a natural aptitude which helps a person to challenge or to excel the plan in a better way. It is always unbeaten. Educated person is in seek of opportunity, but the talented person grabs the opportunity to demonstrate his talent everywhere. A talented person is never an optimistic instead he crossesall the walls to become a realistic and proven. Talent needs exposure, like the way plant needs water, manure and all that then It explodes from the darkness of soil by absorbing all essential nutrients and gives brightness to the world. Thus talented person when ever avails an opportunity within no time he changes it into a well directed and grooming way.

World knows that Kashmiri’s are the talented people especially youth. It is not a misnomer or under covers but it is factual as they have proved it through out the world in the fields of Education, economics, medicine etc.

Immense unexplored talent and potential of youth of kashmir which sometimes remains unutilized either because of lack of opportunity or lack of mentorship and grooming. The same youngsters when given a chance of a wider exposure, tend to expose themselves and excel in various fields.

Kashmiri young boys and girls did take part in the sports and games with flying colours and bringing laurels to the home they represented India as well as own Kashmir at the national or international level. In different fields the youth have explored their talent when they got opportunities.

Despite having talented youth to Kashmir they face a multitude of problems like unemployment, poverty, conflict with India,non availability of resources,less economic sectors, lack of industrial sector etc this youth have been become the target of frustrations, drug addictions,dacoities etc. These malpractices have given them a big blow and they tried hard to get rid of these practices and Still They have never let the kashmir down at any point.

One more big problem that hit continuously to Kashmir is that we see many people missing. The fact is that today Kashmiri youth are leaving their land as never before. This brain drain has reached an unprecedented level and their come back is almost impossible.

Educated youth of the valley are increasingly migrating to other places to look for better job opportunities as globe is open for them because of their groomed talent and skill and they feel comfortable there due to devoid of crisis and conflicts.

Now still we have an opportunity to turn our very large and very young people into a productive asset.Both the government and society must join hands to stop brain drain and concentrate on protecting the emotional and physical health of the youth, their skill-based education, and provision of recreational facilities, employment, and above all incorporation of self-confidence, motivation and courage to move forward. So that kashmiri youth and their talent could be protected from undue means.

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
PhD scholar
Kuchmullah TRAL