Kashmiri Youth Need To Take Responsibility To Develop Society

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By KNB on 14/01/2019.

Kashmiri Youth Need To Take Responsibility To Develop Society

Srinagar, Jan 14: Youth is the spring of life, hopping for a world free of poverty, corruption, unemployment, inequality and exploitation of man by man, a world free of discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, language and gender which is full of creative challenges and opportunities to conquer them.The greatest wealth and strength of any nation is its youth.

Youth hold many responsibilities to build the nation, to make the society good and noble and can improve the community and culture of society. A responsible youth is better than 100 careless youth.

Waseem, an engineering student said, “If youth understand his responsibility, a large number of crimes may reduce within one day. We do not need careless, drunken,indifferent and reckless youth, as careless youth do not understand their responsibilities and weak our society.”

Jammu and Kashmir is the heaven on this earth, however with the past situation that have been arising our heaven is in danger, It is the responsibility of all those youth who have been given privilege to live on this land to fight and eradicate these evils mercilessly snatching the peace of valley, as our youth are strong and united.

While expressing his opinion Sajjad Ahmad Bhat, 26 year old Kashmiri youth said, ” Youth are the backbone of the society and hence they determine the future of any given society, so we the kashmiri youth have an important role to play because the future of our families, communities and the country lies in our hands.”

Bashir Ahmad, a local businessman said, “Social evils are the virus and like we know there is always an antidote for these viruses so similarly the antidote to these problem lies in the hands of our young and energetic youth, all these things that have been going on have to end but to end it we need to be stronger in our aims.Youth of today will be the leaders tomorrow.”

Youth are the most dynamic component in the process of evolution of a society, they can change the stereotypes and create new avenues to explore. A lot of Kashmiri youth are working in NGOs and other organizations, promoting such ideas that lead the positive growth of the over-all social and economic set-up.