KP youth decides to boycott upcoming polls  

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By KNO on 22/01/2019.

KP youth decides to boycott upcoming polls  


Says ‘Make in India’ claims fails to patronage its own people

New Delhi, January 22: Taking strong notice over the ‘hollow and baseless’ slogans of the present government at Centre, Kashmiri Visthapit Sangrash Samiti National President Shiv Kumar Bhat on Tuesday said that ‘Make in India’ claims of government actually fails to patronage its own people across the country.

Bhat who was addressing the special party delegation meet in new Delhi here, as per a statement issued to KNO also said that Kashmiri Pandit youth have decided not to participate in upcoming assembly as well as parliamentary polls.

Expressed grief over the present situations of minority KP community, Bhat lambasted on the present government and said that the present government not only fails on all fronts and corners but too fails to redress the grievance of Hindu minority community of Jammu and Kashmir is currently living in very dilapidated condition in its own secular democratic nation.

“More that the slogan of present government “sab ka Saath Sab ka Vikas “is nothing more than merely an anecdote using by politicians within the present government for their own sake of interest whereas as truthfulness is that both BJP-PDP coalition partners alienated the minority community very badly during their period of tenure,” he said.

Bhat further revealed that everyone is well-known about the present situations of displaced community Kashmiri Pandits that is living in very unhygienic and dilapidated conditions at several places located in state of Jammu and Kashmir and outside J&K but common man service provider successive governments have adopted the criminal salience over the deliberate attempt of human rights violations and thus denied and ignored the minority community since from the exile period of more than 29 years at large.

Kashmiri Visthapit Sangarsh Samiti National President also said that during the tenure of BJP-PDP coalition government several number of Kashmiri Pandit minority community youth crossed all overage limits and deprived them right to employment opportunities and right to livelihood.

Bhat alleged that coalition partners of the state absorbed number of stones palters and youths of other communities involved in anti-national activities in government jobs beside being benefited by means of several other central flagships programs while as deceived and betrayed the deserve and very needful minority community youths at large.

He said more that the successive governments are wholly and solely responsible for to craft the unhygienic situations for displaced Kashmiri Pandits and forced to live them in miserable conditions with lack of basic amenities. “As such it is matter of grave concern and our party is condemn this brutal act of the government against the community. Bhat said”

During the interaction with media reporters at new Delhi Kashmiri Sangarsh Samiti national leader said if the government would not redress the grievances of minority community sharply the community people under the banner of their party will come on roads to stage the protest demonstration against the base less policies and programs of the government. He confirmed that as a part of protest, the KP youth have decided not to participate in coming both assembly as well as in parliamentary polls