No impact of Modi’s Swach Bahart Abhiyan

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By Fast Kashmir on 30/01/2019.

No impact of Modi’s Swach Bahart Abhiyan

Doda District look like stand of Garbage dumps

Abid Hussain Wani

Doda, Jan 30: Even after Modi’s Government used Millions of ruppees on the advertisements, debates, painting, rallies and others programmes for the awarness of Swach Bharat Abhiyan in all the country but alll in vain.
Municipal Corporation Department, Rural Development Department, Education Department and others released crores of ruppees on the name of several campaign’s across the Jammu and Kashmir. What we talk about others cities of J&K.
Like other parts of india, In Chenab Valley, Crores of ruppes also used for the several campaign’s and all goes to ven. Municipal corporation in Chenb region especially in Doda district which have completely failed to furnish the records for the true assessment of the ambitious mission of the Modi Government. A town city of Doda, Bhaderwah and Thathri presents dirty look always due to huge dumps of garbage’s as the failure of the municipal authorities/bodies. The all advertisements and several campaign’s launched by different departments have failed to make an impact on ground.
It exposes poor planning and lack of interest shown by the government bodies to coordinate their efforts to make cleanliness in all the cities and also take strict action against those who violate cleanliness rules. Heaps of daily solid waste seen in whole towns of Doda district especially on main roadside but due to lack of interest there is no regular removal of garbage dumps by Municipal bodies which effect the people and cause more hygenic) diseases. Similar is the condition at Thathri town and Bhaderwah town where heaps of garbage’s dumped on the roadside where the animals also enjoying feed. Heaps of garbage, stagment water and poor drainage sytem in every part of the city tell a tale og neglect and indifferent attitude of the authorities and residents who dumped the waste on roads without giving any consideration to the effect on the image of city and people who comes Doda for visit.
Now, it is better to spent money on the Safai Karamchari’s for hike of salary instead of advertisements and it gives better result when Safai Karamchari’s utilized to enegege in duties instead of protest for their pending salaries and demands. Locals once again requested to J&K Governor and concerned district authorities to look into this matter and solved this main issues to save the image of cities and people from diseases.