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By Fast Kashmir on 02/01/2019.

Non-local beggars annoying student outside KU

Srinagar 2 Jan: Non local beggars become a nuisance for Students of Kashmir University as they have taken positions at various important points outside the campus, especially Sir Syed and Roomi Gate.

As per student these beggars harassing them every time outside the campus even sometimes they enter inside and disturbing their classes as well.

“These non-local beggars have made our lives miserable and have become headache for students and tourists as well”, said MERC student Syed Bilal.

“Whenever we are with our female classmates they embarrassing us with different words like Allah ap ki joodi salamat rakha which is not acceptable at all”, he further said

Taking to Kashmir News Bureau Hikmatyar a P.G student said, “This place is a tourist as well as Educational hub, that’s why it is full of beggars. Most of them are females carrying babies. I think it is a big business nexus and government should take serious note of the problem.”

He said, “That most of these beggars are professionally trained to take advantage of people’s emotions and force them to give money as we are dependent on our parents in every aspect still they are annoying us and taking money from our packets even these beggars do not spare us when we are in hurry for our classes.”

Talking to the KNB security students union Naveed Bukhtyar said “I don’t understand why authority is silent in this issue as DC Srinagar has already issued an order in this matter last year.”

“Both University and Government authorities should take immediate action to curb this menace. Our fellow students are being constantly harassed by these beggars” He urged.

Prof. Naseer Iqbal Chief Proctor told KNB “that we already have taken notice in this matter and restricted the campus for these activities except Friday.”

“The outside Campus is not our jurisdiction still we keep beggars away from the University gate,” he added.

When Kashmir News Bureau tried to contact district administration they refused to to talk on this issue. (KNB)