Now it’s high time “Lets build Kashmir”: Sane Voices

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By KNB on 16/01/2019.

Now it’s high time “Lets build Kashmir”: Sane Voices

Srinagar 16 Jan: The state of Jammu and Kashmir  the Valley of Kashmir is facing the brunt of the conflict from last 28 years. The Valley is  witnessing an unstoppable bloodshed, whether a policeman, Militant or a policemen were killed in this conflict. The grave situation of the educated youth joining the militant ranks is alarmingly increasing during last few years and are dying everyday. The only question how many more?

Every stakeholder whether state government, central government, and separatist camp need to consider a policy and agenda to control the situation and stop the human loss and the  serious concern of the well qualified and scholars joining the militant ranks.In these years inhabitants of Kashmir developed their unique vacubalaries and words of psychosis like crackdown ,CASO , crossfire, abduction, half widows. In J&K, political and social scenario continues to be so depressing that  people feel no inclination to welcome anything new.

Any solution to the conflict in Kashmir will require goodwill gestures and compromises not just from New Delhi, but also from Kashmiris themselves and all the other major state and non-state actors involved in the conflict.

Besides the Kashmiri people,separatists, politicians as well as the power-centres in Srinagar and New Delhi will have to show their willingness and ability to implement a mutually-agreed and principled policy to de-escalate the “conflict in Kashmir”.The Kashmiris have to understand that radicalisation and wielding a gun is not a solution. They have to realise that there is now a tacit global consensus in neutralising the radicalised gun-wielding groups.

Talking to Kashmir News Bureau, Salmam Sagar, youth president  National conference said, “it is the concern for everyone that human losses whether a militants , security personnel or civilians is going on.”

“Youth of the Kashmir should come forward and try to politically compel the Government of India  to revive the special status of the Jammu and Kashmir instead of going for the extremist path seperatic politics has yielded nothing till date and we need a vibrant special strong leadership with  full mandate which can compel the Government of India.”

Talking to KNB the senior PDP leader Khursheed Alam said, “Government of India should come forward for the dialogue with every school of thought, if they really want to ensure the  politically and economically stable state of Jammu and Kashmir in 2019.”

“India, Pakistan and Mainstream parties should create the environment and come forward to  end the terror , fear, disappointment among the common masses especially the youth,” he said

Both the national need to resolve this issue through dialogues so this bloodshed will stop and  Kashmiri live their life with Peace.