Resignation of Shah Faisal, journey from Horse to donkey ride

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/01/2019.

Resignation of Shah Faisal, journey from Horse to donkey ride

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Srinagar, Jan 11: The IAS officers are respected and honored as they can take up truly multidimensional, challenging, exciting, and fulfilling tasks at the same time .

Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees; and both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people.

The officers carry high respect and stature in the society coupled with the significant task of administering public offices, making it one of the most desirable.

He can do to reach out to the common people for help and address grievances. It’s not like going and sitting in a tea stall but let the people become comfortable to come to the officer and tell the problems they are facing.

As far Shah Faisal is concerned he is also a man of intellect, he guided number of people in facing different standards of life he has been very much successful in guiding them. For youth he is an inspiration and motivator ,he inspired hundreds and thousands of youths to clear civil service exams and many of them got successfully qualified by given lectures and guidelines of crossing these competitive exams .

Having abilities, the intellectual capacity , emotional strength and maturity, are held in abundance by this person and used them in skillful ways.

Scholarly he was very much interest in creativity in a number of disciplines such as medical studies , cognitive science and others and guided the youth equally at state level or outside state.

His way of living , interaction with people and inspirational speeches set an example how to live even in unresponsive environment. He was an ordinary man with an extraordinary will to live his life according to the principles of truth and nonviolence thus practised through speeches and Facebook posts he became even more popular to whole nation.

So intrinsically he is a confident person to publically represent his political party or join in any other poltical party remember an intelligent person can be a bad choice in many ways. when a confident person is showing interest in politics with overloaded confidence they are then considered far less reliable or trustworthy than an unconfident person. This may explain the negative image of politics, which is mostly a series of confident individuals making big promises and failing miserably to keep them. That sort of thing really puts people off.

Politics is complicated, effectively running a country or state of million people all of which have different requirements and demands, is an incredibly a challenge. There are just so many variables that need to be considered. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to condense all this into a convenient sound bite under the Keen surveillance of modern media.

So it is rightly said by someone:
“Nations are made in the hearts of poets and die in the hands of politics”

Keeping in view the Journey of Shah Faisal , it could have adverse effect on his personality of a person and he can no more be an intellectual person. Inspirationally he ruled over thousands and lakhs of youth but his leg in the politics will make him a bad notion and the way he gained and given in past years could be vanished in an eye blink .

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
PhD scholar
Kuchmullah TRAL