Shah Faisal broke the ice, inspired youth and wants change 

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By Fast Kashmir on 15/01/2019.

Shah Faisal broke the ice, inspired youth and wants change 

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Srinagar, Jan 15: There has been a common concept with the youth of kashmir as they have born and brought up in conflict since few decades of violence and left them psychologically disturbed.

Norms and rules set by the older politics have been discarded by the young people as decisions have not impacted greatly on their lives .There is no visible leader, whom with young people can be in touch so that collaboratively taking decisions through an invisible grapevine could effect positively to the welfare of kashmir.

The period of militancy, of conflict,disappearances, gross human rights violations, encounters and youth become vigilant percipient of theses situations right from from childhood to adulthood.

They know every facet of this kind of violence which make a complete debacle to the progress and proper vision of kashmir. The youth now become eyewitness of this whole worst situation and they want change of their orientation. For this change youth have given sacrifices in heaps even kashmir lost many PhD scholars but every one only eying on now ultimate change.

Non-governance from few months led to anger that erupted in a series of stone pelting incidents across the Kashmir Valley, every day this coincides with lost of youth. This created a panic situation in whole kashmir , has been bathed continuously with innocent blood.

The protests took a virulent turn with the authorities first describing the young stone pelters as ‘terrorists’ and then hunting for the ‘leaders’ as no one in government in Srinagar or New Delhi could believe that the stone pelting was spontaneous or indeginous, root cause has remained completely covered and blind for the central and State authorities.

Stories from kashmir planted here from decades of decades described the youth including doctors, students, lawyers, academics in undirected ways and blaming these categories as undue for central Government that further fuelled the anger in the Valley even in school,college and universities and whole system of Education system disrupted completely.

Even Hurriyat leaders have contributed, started organising the outburst by issuing calendars of protest this has done nothing only several boys including girls had been killed in separate incidents and has worsened the situation bitterly.

Now Shah Faisal has become the ray of hope for the youth of kashmir after his inspirational and emotional interviews and press conferences , the youth start to follow and urge him the choice of politics and reflect him in representing the people and youth collectively with future epochs for
the one time and ultimate solution to long pending dispute.

Youth involved in unrest has gained much attention from center and they want change in unique way. Shah Faisal as icon of youth and attracted a large mass of people and imaginatively consider him as a leader ,there would be nothing wrong if he respect and respond the people and youth and convert their intention into that way which the youth expect.

He as an adminstrative man can handle the situation nicely knows that present youth is not inducted to burocracy but the youth want him as figure to find a permanent solution through good space of politics rather than traditional politics.

Youth leaders can be new face of politics as they are well groomed with knowledge and intellect. Knowing Crux of dispute if it is revealed as such in front of Delhi and recoincile them to put it to the people to find solution, Delhi can linger but it is the voice of people that can’t be muzzled.

Use youth as instrumental to surface their voices in front of all international agencies including center but politically it could be a better choice for Shah Faisal to represent whole kashmir and find a pleased solution so that removing pain is far better than feeling pain.


Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
PhD scholar
Kuchmullah TRAL