Social Media a Game changer In Kashmir

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By KNB on 24/01/2019.

Social Media a Game changer In Kashmir

Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 24 Jan: At the time, social media acts as the only way and mode of the communication in Kashmir but unfortunately a mere and minor wrong information leads to the destruction in the society.

Social media has access to every nook and corner of the valley and any rumour or news  gets viral within no time without the check of the credibility and the authentication of the news. Recently a rumour about the death of the youth  namely Mohd Rafiq of Nagbal, Ganderbal injured in the clashes between the forces and the civilians in the Shopian area which creates the law and order disturbance in the Ganderbal District with spontaneous shutdown.

Being a conflict zone, Kashmir has a huge impact on the society especially the youth of the valley.

However, Social media networking is a medium of choice among young girls and women for chatting and keeping themselves updated on the latest social developments, But often it is  witnessed that filthy comments and parliamentary language is used on the pages of females without looking at the consequences .

Social networking can be a tool to beat the complication of the unemployment in kashmir as  it provides the new opportunities of the business. Number of the local youth entrepreneurs,  are now deciding to start their own online business establishments and are successfully conducting the business. Benish and omaira are example who started a business under the banner of Craftworld Kashmir and  both are making stuff and selling it online through Instagram and Facebook page and are among the emerging entrepreneurs of the valley.

There is a huge potential in the new trend of online shopping business and youth can capitalize on it by creating various e – commerce platforms of online shopping carts , portals … and  make their career and beat the unemployment. Social media has revolutionized the whole landscape of our society. It has a very vital role to play nowadays and need of proper planning and management to make the social media as a tool for the betterment of society