11th February: Youm I Maqbool

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By FK WEB DESK on 11/02/2019.

11th February: Youm I Maqbool

Father of Kashmiri nation Muhammad Maqbool Butt remembered across the Globe, various programs held.

Srinagar, February 11: struggle and sacrifices of father of Kashmiri nation martyr Muhammad Maqbool Butt are beacon light for every oppressed and occupied nation. He stands as symbol of steadfastness and valor for us and serves a corner stone for our resistance against illegal military occupation of India. This was stated by the incarcerated chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik who is languishing in police custody along with other JKLF leaders from last many days. In a statement issued on the 35th martyrdom day of great ideologue, JKLF chairman said that every aspect of his life stands as a mile stone for us and this nation can never forget his struggle and sacrifices. JKLF chairman said that when Indian rulers hanged Maqbool Butt at Tihar Jail in 1984, they fancied about finishing Kashmiri resistance and thus disremembered about the reality of eternal life of martyrs. He said that the martyrdom of Maqbool Butt on gallows gave birth to thousands of young Maqbools who are till today striving for the righteous cause, sacrificing their lives in nooks and corners of Jammu Kashmir and writing down new chapters of passion, valor and greatness.

                Meanwhile today on the occasion of the 35thmartyrdom day of Father of Kashmiri Nation Muhammad Maqbool Butt various programs were held throughout the world in which Kashmiris remembered him with commitment and gratitude. Protest programs were held in Indian held Kashmir to commemorate Maqbool Butt Shaheed’s 35th martyrdom day. A total and exemplary shutdown was observed throughout whole valley and also despite stringent curfew and restrictions on JRL call a grand rally was held at Lal Chowk Srinagar during which leaders got arrested. Protest program was also held at his birth place Trehgam Kupwara which was attended by various JKLF leaders. A candle light march was also held in which thousands including women participated and demanded the mortal remains of their beloved leader. Police clamped a strict curfew in whole Trehgam but despite curfew, people in large numbers thronged the residence of Maqbool Shaheed and participated in rally that was held today. At various district headquarters Quran Khawani was held for the great leader.

                Various programs were held throughout the world on Maqbool Day. At national Press club in Islamabad Pakistan besides JKLF leaders Hafiz Anwar Samavi, Saleem Haroon, Rafiq Ahmad Dar, Sardar Jamsheed and others participated in the program. Youm-I-Maqbool was also observed in Helsinki Finland, Barcelona Spain where JKLF leaders Tanveer Choudhry, Qari Mazhar Iqbal Naeemi, Shahzad Shabbir, Shabir Jaral, Mushtaq Pasha, Syed Kazim Shah, Sardar Naeem Khan, Sardar Majid ,Malik Javed and other participated and paid tributes to great leader. JKLF leaders and activists belonging to Europe zone also held demonstrations outside Indian Embassy in Brussels Belgium. JKLF UK organized a protest rally outside Indian embassy in which protesters demanding the return back of mortal remains of the great leader. In Saudi Arabiya a seminar was held in which Khawaja Manzoor Chistee, Amir Chistee, walid Abdullah and others paid tributes to Shaheed Leader. Similar kind of seminar was held in Dubai UAE in which Sajid Sideequi, Sardar Abid, Sardar Naaz Kashmiri recalled the sacrifice of martyr Maqbool. Programs to commemorate Maqbool Day were also held in Azad Kashmir cities including Mirpur, Kotli, Khuiratta, Tatapani, Charoi, Nakyal, Sehnsa, sudnoti balouch, Rawalakot,Hijra,Abbaspur, Bagh city, Dhirkot,Muzaffar Abad, Dadyal, Bhimbher city, Kot Jamil, Samahni, Plundri, Poonch, Similar programs were held at many cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Quetta and Peshawar. Leaders including senior vice chairman JKLF Ab. Hameed Butt, zonal president Toqeer Geelani, Raja Haqnawaz, Qayoom Raja, Saif ud Din, Khawaja Pervaiz, Saad Ansari, Aftab Chacha, Basharat Noori, Parvaiz Mirza, Tawseef Jaral,qari iqbal, Faizan Mir, Sardar Hamza,  Suhail Kataria, Ishfaq Kashmiri, Dishad Quraishi, Abid Hussain, Rahim Malik, Ayaz Kareem,Sardar Mushtaq, Raja Majid, Sajad Younis, Hamid Hashmi, Nouman Nazir, Choudry Iftikhar, Shareef Poonchi, Parvaiz Khan, Sufyan, Qari Naseer, Shakil Ch. Sardar Naveed, Sardar Ramzan, Haji Ibrahim, Khurshid Khan, Sardar Qadeer, SM inrahim Adv. Ayaz Kiyani, Sradar Fayaz, Haroon Khan, Sradar Nazakat, Sardar Fiazaan, Sardar Abid, Shahjehan arshid, Khan Majid, Yousuf Chugtayee, Khurshid Mirza, Jehangir Mirza, Jahanzaib Mir, Shuaib Khalid, Tufail Ajib, Raja Sohrab, Ishfaq Baghi, Babar Shakoor, Iqbal Tabasum, Safeer Khan, Khalid Parvaiz, Ahmad Shakil Rajut, Hasnain Jarral, Raja Sulaiman, Yasir Ali, Amjid Aziz, Javed Hanif,  Khwaja Abdullah, Wahid Hayat, Rashid Azeem, Aziz Adv and Himayoun Muzzafar and various others participated in these programs and paid rich tributes to martyr Baba I Quom.