AIP carries out sit-in protest against attacks on Jammu Muslims

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By FK WEB DESK on 16/02/2019.

AIP carries out sit-in protest against attacks on Jammu Muslims

Those involved in violence in Jammu have a different agenda than mourning death of CRPF Jawans

Let NC explain why it supported Jammu Bandh …….Er. Rasheed

Srinagar 16 February: AIP carried out a sit-in protest at Press colony Srinagar today against the unending attacks on Kashmiris and Jammu Muslims. Protesters hailing from different walks of life were carrying banners and play cards in their hands asking for stern action against those who are involved in violence against innocents in Jammu and are damaging properties. While talking to media on the occasion Er. Rasheed appealed Jammu administration to discharge its duty towards masses without being biased.  Er. Rasheed reiterated his concerns over the intentions of certain elements who are day and night engaged in arsenic and violence against a particular community. Er. Rasheed said “The goons and fringe elements are being given free hand and no stern action is being taken to protect life and property of Muslim community in various parts of Jammu and other places. Government must tell how many miscreants have been booked and arrested so for. It is shameful that while in Rajouri Muslim community was mourning death of Naseer Ahmad, a CRPF Jawan, who lost his life in Pulwama attack, the goons from other community were vandalizing houses of Muslims in nearby locality in Ponch. Had these ultra-nationals been truly pained over the killings, they would have assembled in the native village of Naseer Ahmad rather damaging properties of the community to which Naseer belonged. The Ponch incident has exposed the real intentions of ultra-nationals in Jammu. One has a right to ask that how come it was possible for the miscreants to damage huge properties and set ablaze dozens of vehicles when call for the Bandh was given a day before and the administration was supposed to be prepared to meet any eventuality. It seems obvious that making Pulwama attack on CRPF as an excuse, a section of radical elements wants to implement its nefarious designs against the Muslim community”. Er. Rasheed appealed PM Narindra Modi not to forget that Kashmiris are worst victims of violence and need peace with dignity more than anyone else but it cannot be achieved without delivering justice. Er. Rasheed appreciated the statement of Jammu Chamber of Industries and Commerce condemning violence but said that the saner voice in Jammu need to come out in open support of communal harmony and isolate the fringe elements. Er. Rasheed while expressing solidarity with the civil secretariat employees said that the attacks on employees are unacceptable, unethical and un-civilized and government must move beyond words and all those involved in attacks on secretariat employees, stranded Kashmiri passengers, damaging vehicles should be booked under Public Safety Act. He said “If government fails to do justice with the victims of Jammu, Muslim community will feel further disheartened and isolated which may not be in the interests of state. Government must announce full compensation to all those whose property has been partially or fully damaged. One fails to understand why is not governor administration announcing compensation package for the victims on the same pattern it has been announcing in other cases”.  Er. Rasheed asked NC leadership to explain what its compulsions to support the Jammu Bandh were and said that NC should tender an unconditional apology for being part of the Bandh and must own the moral responsibility of attack on innocents. . Er. Rasheed while appealing people of Jammu to maintain communal harmony asked those attacking innocents to give just any single instance where someone from Jammu has ever been harassed, humiliated or attacked anywhere in Kashmir In the last twenty years. . He said “Let people of Jammu and rest of India not forget that Kashmiris have helped from Yatris to Army Jawans in times of eventualities and have always shown a helping hand whenever situation demanded. Those harassing Kashmiri students in Dehradun and other places should not forget that it is Kashmiris who facilitate lacs. Of Amarnath Yatries every year and offer them everything besides love and affection”.