Airlines Mafia Tactics Severely Affect Kashmir Bound Passengers

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By KNB on 10/02/2019.

Airlines Mafia Tactics Severely Affect Kashmir Bound Passengers

Srinagar, Feb 10:  Chaos arose at Delhi Airport as number of passengers are facing tough time as air india airline booked and then cancelled on boarding time.

Domestic passengers are increasingly affected due to denying and delays of flights as huge crowd of passengers from Delhi to Srinagar are held up at Delhi Airport for nearly five hours due to cancellation of flights scheduled to depart on Sunday morning.

While talking to KNB on phone, a local passengers from Delhi Airport said, “I reached at Delhi Airport at sharp 9:00 am as my flight AI-825 was scheduled to depart at 10:15 am but here I found out that Air India servers are down for the last two hours.”

Another passenger said, “I am waiting for Air India to depart from the last three hours, but I am being informed that flights have been cancelled due to some weather conditions, over booking, no information no updates, it is just a pure harassment, Flights are on time, they are running a mafia”

Passengers, complaining about lack of information from the airline, some of whom had spent the night at the airport faced frustrating waits to learn if and when they could fly out, as they are being asked for rebooking, rechecking but flights being delayed continuously.

One more passenger said, “I had travelled altogether from Hyderabad, to attend funeral of one of my close relative in Srinagar but here(Delhi Airport) I came to know that the flights are being delayed, and demanding for extra charges”

He further said, “Instead of giving proper information, they are delivering a ruthless arrogance towards the passengers”

A student waiting for his flight to depart scheduled at 12:15 pm said, “I don’t have enough money for further accommodation now ,they are betraying the passengers by demanding double the charge, already booked flights have been cancelled and those who are paying extra capital are allowed,taking the advantage of closure of strategic Jammu-Srinagar highway.”

Sama Ara, a commercial poilet sharing pictures of huge mass of passengers held at Delhi Airport, posted on a social networking site facebook, “All of them stranded at Delhi Airport ,Air India over books and then cancels .Ticket prizes sky rocket 26000.Total monthly expenditure of a humble family.Governor Sahab please help people of ur state.”

Earlier, an elderly women returning from Umrah died at Delhi Airport due to disturbed air traffic to valley on Saturday died in Indian capital New Delhi.