Attacks on Kashmiris may push more youth towards armed path: Malik

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By GNS on 22/02/2019.

Attacks on Kashmiris may push more youth towards armed path: Malik

Srinagar, Feb 22:  “Indian states, streets, roads and institutions have been turned as war zones for Kashmiris. Attacks by goons on Kashmiri businessmen, students, tourists are most condemnable and outrageous. This situation will only promote violence and hatred and may push more people to armed path,” said the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while speaking to people at Masjid Jamia Abi Guzar on Friday.

Terming these attacks as most horrible, JKLF chairman said that videos and images of these attacks and acts of humiliations is like forcing more Kashmiri youth towards armed resistance and hence turn the situation more vulnerable and unwanted.

“First Indian authorities clamp down on Kashmiri youth, arrest them, torture, torment, and humiliate them, hence push them to the wall and leave no space for them but to tread the armed path and then we witness noisy debates on why Kashmiri youth are picking guns and that kill all Kashmiris as they are militant and so on,” he said.

“I want to tell these biased Indian TV channels, debaters, politicians and policy makers that it is you who leave no place for these youth to tread a peaceful political path and then start demonizing and killing them shamelessly which is highly condemnable,” Malik said.

JKLF chairman further said: “Today educated youth, boys, girls and scholars are being tortured and humiliated on Indian streets. I want to ask one plane question from Indian policy makers that where will this vulgarism lead and where will it push these young Kashmiris. Today we are witnessing pro-India Kashmiri politicians and some other people rushing to Jammu and Delhi, have photographs with rescued Kashmiri children and play politics on this human issue.”

“I want to ask these selfish people that if they have such love lost for Kashmiri children and students then why they blocked the setting up of Transworld Muslim University proposed by martyr Moulana Showkat Ahmad Shah. Why don’t they provide lands and permissions for setting up colleges and other institutions in Kashmir to evade and stop brain draining, money draining from Kashmir and also ruining of the careers of our new generation by Indian aggression.”

Hailing Sikh community for playing a commendable role during these hard days and providing safety to stranded Kashmiris across India, Malik said the role of Sikh organizations and individuals including Khalsa Aid are like a ray of hope for humanity in these dark times for which they deserve kudos.

Asking Kashmiris to “remain steadfast, vigilant and savers of harmony”, JKLF chairman said: “Our religion Islam, Prophet of Islam (SAW) and religious cum social traditions have taught us to serve humanity, shun hatred and religious divide and despite all provocations safeguard our minorities, their lives, dignity and properties even at the cost of their lives. We have throughout history always safeguarded religious harmony and protected all outsiders living or working here and we will In Sha Allah stand firm and provide safety, relief and other assistance to every outsider present on our land in future too and uphold our tradition in ensuring the safety of every human being.”