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By FK WEB DESK on 22/02/2019.

Attacks on Kashmiris shameful : CPI(M)

Supreme court’s directions appreciable


  1. In the aftermath of February 14 Pulwama terror attack, jingoistic communal atmosphere is being created in the country, while in certain places, protests were deliberately turned against Kashmiri students, businessmen, employees and others. This tragic and horrible act of terror should not be used for narrow partisan interests and should not lead to polarize the already charged situation.

  1. Despite provocative situations in the last three decades, people of Jammu always maintained communal harmony, amity and brotherhood. Today also the role of majority of people of Jammu and civil society is appreciable. However, some fringe communal elements want to incite violence for petty political gains. They want to use this anger for their nefarious designs.

  1. Authorities should have deployed security forces in sensitive areas of Jammu on the first day as there were apprehensions about a flare-up after the Pulwama attack.

  1. Jammu and Kashmir are inter-dependent on each other and any divide is not in the interests of people of either of the regions. Jammu and Kashmir have its own distinct and peculiar cultural ethos. Providing any opportunity to divisive elements to succeed is not in the interest of people of any of the regions.

  1. It is high time that people of Kashmir and Jammu understand the gravity of the situation, get united and defeat the evil designs of communal forces. People’s unity is the real answer to such elements who want to divide people on communal lines.

  1. Government must take stern action against divisive forces, who are trying to disturb the peace and communal harmony in Jammu and Kashmir. A law breaker is a law breaker and must be punished irrespective of his political and ideological affiliations. Those communal elements, who are attacking Kashmiri community outside the state, must be dealt sternly. What message is being served by pushing Kashmiris and especially younger generation to the wall? It is unfortunate that Prime Minister has maintained silence over the grave issue of attacks on Kashmiri community in rest of the country. He should have condemned these attacks.

  1. Despite advisory from the Union government nothing has been done on ground to stop attacks on Kashmiri community. It seems that as if Kashmiris are expendable. Questions are being raised and genuinely so i.e “is law being used selectively”.

  1. A Governor of a state is brazenly issues racist statement asking people to “boycott everything Kashmiri.” He should be sacked, and a seditious case should be lodged against him.

  1. We appreciate the role of Left and civil society, who provided all possible help to the Kashmiri community, including students in rest of the country. People of Kashmir expect the leadership, both in the government and in the opposition, civil society and intelligentsia to play their role to maintain communal harmony and safeguard the lives and property of Kashmiris outside the Valley.

  1. The CPI (M) demands that the Central and State governments take all steps to protect Kashmiri residents. Firm action must be taken against those resorting to hate campaign and violence. Let us not allow those, who want to deepen the wedge between people of Kashmir and rest of the country, succeed.

  1. We appreciate the role of people of Jammu and civil society groups, who have not succumbed to the pressures of communal elements clearly taken a stand against vandalism in Jammu by some fringe elements on Friday. By targeting minority community, fringe elements were vitiating peaceful atmosphere and unity of the state.

  1. Hon’ble Governor should convene urgently meeting of political leaders and prominent citizens to discuss the present situation.