Be patient war can destroy your existence

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By Fast Kashmir on 25/02/2019.

Be patient war can destroy your existence

By, Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Brutal attack on security forces in Pulwama has started war of words between India and Pakistan. India has slammed and slapped for provoking terrorism and keeping pak responsible over taking this attack.

Every part of India got involved and responded over the killing of security forces started agitation and want firm revenge. Jammu and Kashmir has severely got involved and there is threat of communal riots.

PM of India has promised that the sacrifices of the jawans at Pulwama will not go in vain and the terrorists will be given unforgettable lesson for their heinous act.

Efforts were already taken to isolate Pakistan diplomatically ,terms and conditions of trade have been scrapped and India has withdrawn it’s support of the Most Favoured Nation status to Pakistan.

Tension has taken gravity as the government started to withdraw security to separatist leaders and their well wishers have announced voluntarily to guard them.

At rallies political leaders assured to hit back at terrorists who were involved in this attack and public has given equal respect and respond by raising slogans and clapping in merry way.

PM of Pakistan has given an emergency conference in which he has given befitted reply, offered to investigate the matter thoroughly if India provides proof and would take thorough action. This is a lame excuse and India failed number of times to provide proof to Pak over the terror attacks already happened in Pathankot and Mumbai.

He has also called for dialogue number of times and expressed his readiness to talk about terrorism and in response to blame pak is still ready to eradicate the terrorism.

Pakistan itself to be the greatest victim of terrorism and is well acquainted at international level with the reality that pak is badly hit by terrorism.

Denying any role in Pulwama attack Imran Khan said that it would take action and warned India for quick retaliation.

He also said that Pakistan is moving towards peace and stability and calling his own country” Naya Pakistan”

India doesn’t not believe on Alligator’s tears and internally border security forces were alarmed to take revenge through surgical strikes and aware them to face any untoward action.

Pak army has tighten their security on borders and start to clean up their ways where they can fully target their enemies and for this rehearsal already continues till they can give befitted reply.

Allah doesn’t wish so if both the countries get involved in cross border attacks remember imbibed in anger it can trigger war and there could be heavy damage to humanity. People living on borders are already badly hit by intermittent firing and number of people got killed on either side and many of them evacuated the place prone to attacks.

War not only engulp both the countries but it can spread it’s violence and menace to whole Asia, even it demands to step out side countries of the world.

So both the countries should calm down ,shun the violence,anger and vitriolic speeches and debate over these issue always trigger tension must be avoided.

Unknowingly youth watch TV focussing on these debates and bullitens acts as catalyst to boil their blood and acting rashing way outside and disturbing communal harmony.

Keeping in view all devastating factors people living on either side of the border must analyse the gruesome situation and exercise the mind in progress way devoid of aversion and any kind of contamination.

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
PhD scholar/writer/ columnist
Kuchmullah Tral