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By CNS on 26/02/2019.

IAF strike keeps Omar busy on Twitter

Srinagar, Feb 26: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said that one cannot possibly speculate on what will happen next following the Indian Air Force (IAF) strike on Pakistan.

   “Unless we know which Balakote is being talked about by the Pakistani generals it’s pointless speculating about what we may have hit and what fallout the airstrike will have,” Abdullah tweeted.

“However, if it’s Balakote in Poonch sector, along with the LoC it’s a largely symbolic strike because at this time of the year forward launch pads and militant camps are empty and non-functional,” he added.

  He added:, “The problem now becomes Prime Minister Imran Khan’s commitment to his country — ‘Pakistan will not think about responding, Pakistan will respond’.

“What shape will response take? Where will the response be? Will India have to respond to Pakistan’s response?,” Omar Abdullah asked.