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By KNB on 22/02/2019.

Kashmir Before 1990’s

Srinagar 22 Feb: The valley of kashmir was stable and peaceful before the start of the treason  and kashmiris never knew the violence before the 1990,s. Muslims, pandits and sikhs used to live together in harmony , celebrating the festival of each other with the fervor , enthusiasm and  love . The problems of one community was collectively solved by all as a family and there was no concept of the religious discrimination as the whole society lived as a single entity or body . people used to roam till late nights and there used to be no threats of any violence  and danger .but the peace of the valley is disappearing and the valley is going through the bloodsheds , fear and chaos . Various people narrating the life before the uprising termed the times before the 1990,s as golden time of their life.

Talking to KNB  Mohammad Ayaz said, ‘’Before  1990,s Kashmir was peaceful and normal ,people used to roam till late night and there was no concept of the fear. Life was simple and people were happy and the helpful.”

He added there was hardly any security person to be  seen in residential areas and hardly anyone had thought that situation can become so dreadful and prayed that the valley  to be as before .”

Mohan lal a Kashmiri pandit residing in jammu said that “every Kashmiri whether a muslim , pandit, or other used to live peacefully in the valley , enjoying the festival of eid and herath with each other .

He added that the “conflict ruined the peace and  our young generation is not able to enjoy as we used to do.”

Another  elderly person narrating  his experience said “ we used to live in peace and harmony , I still remember when I was young  and there were various pandit families in our locality and we collectively(kaad ) did our work , comprised of pandit and muslim men and women  and kashmir was really a paradise on earth. We hope that the tension will be de–escalated to ensure the peace in the valley again.