KCSDS condemns Multi-Pronged Crackdown on People of Kashmir

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By CNS on 25/02/2019.

KCSDS condemns Multi-Pronged Crackdown on People of Kashmir

Srinagar, Feb 25: KCSDS came down heavily on the central and state government for launching multi-pronged undeclared Psychological and military, media and constitutional offensive against  an  entire populace in the valley in which every soul has been put on tenterhooks, in a state of ominous  tortuous wait of the frightful tomorrow.

   “The massive crackdown on an almost politically dormant religious party , rounding up hundreds of youth and resistance leaders and activists throughout the valley  and airdropping 100  companies of CRPF  overnight  to supplement already swelling numbers of armed forces  gratuitously, is to instill extreme fear  and create panic to subdue and strangulate an entire population and third the  attack on the freedom of press to put embargo on truthful reportage of Greater Kashmir and KR by way of arm –twisting  to reap electoral dividends  in coming elections. The belated   assurance by the governor to people that there is nothing to panic is a cruel joke.”

    “After creating the panic and extreme fear and then ask the people that there is no reason to panic is like asking the dying person why are you dying after having been served the poison. Besides the  politically partisan governor has undertaken the task of demolishing the basic structure of the state constitution by  taking decisions which have eroded  and diluted state’s basic political  identity which no governor has the authority to do. This has further aggravated the sense of insecurity and destroyed the  remnants of political identity of the state,” KCSDS said in a statement.

    It said that at a time when people were still recovering from Pulwama shock  and  its aftermath in  the  fanatic violent terrorist inexplicable backlash on  our students and traders in Jammu and northern India  at the hands of   right wing goons, govt’s massive offensive comes as an institutional parallel    collective revenge  against people for the sins they have never committed along those of goons. Along with this , there is third tyre of crackdown  on the largest selling newspaper  Greater Kashmir as also the nascent Kashmir Reader  as an arm – twisting tactic to muzzle their role as  truth tellers and   representative voice of people  by way of stopping government advertisements to them.     “This is information embargo, meant to  stop reporters to truthfully report the happenings in the state as well as opinion pieces that present Kashmir narrative to the world which is otherwise lost in the din of manufactured narratives on Kashmir. The three –pronged attack must end immediately without further delay.”

 “Without further prevaricating, government must  end this fearful situation, release all the youth and Jama’at members and resistance activists  who have been rounded up and immediately demilitarize the entire civilian space to let us breathe in a free atmosphere.

 Who will compensate people for the  extreme mental strain , nervous breakdown ,intense emotional  stress ,immobilizing depression, stultifying torpor  and  angst for safety and security  they suffered  particularly in the past few  days when war like situation has been deliberately created to put people under tremendous pressure and  to obfuscate  once again the  core issue of conflict and  construct it as an issue of cross border terrorism. This is meant to destroy  people mentally and emotionally  besides further squeezing their physical space and actively working on a genocidal project.

 Such an atmosphere has been intermittently created that has taken a heavy toll on our  individual and collective psychic lives in the past three decades as also on those forces whom government uses as cannon fodder for petty political dividends. It is time for them to rise and protest against this blood bath which consumes their lives like ours. Growing suicide rate in their ranks is a pointer to their depression. The living Kashmiris  and forces have been reduced to psychological wrecks by putting them in a process of dying by the largest democracy  to hold on to the territory. For God’s sake, put an end to this brutal repression and restore people their legitimate rights and their pristine environment. By so doing , you would only be relieving  yourself from a great burden of sins against Kashmiris as well as your own forces.”