Let locals invest in establishing educational institutions in Kashmir. Er. Rasheed

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By FK WEB DESK on 18/02/2019.

Let locals invest in establishing educational institutions in Kashmir. Er. Rasheed

Asks regional parties to assure making procedure for opening new
institutions easy
Says voices like Kamal Hassan need to be heard by hardliners

Srinagar 18 February: AIP President Er. Rasheed has appealed regional
political parties to assure and include in their manifesto that they
will ensure opening of new professional and technical colleges in the
state in private sector and will make the legal procedure for the same
easier. In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “While state
already lacks good professional colleges and institutions, but the
ongoing assault and harassment against Kashmiri students in other
states has created more need for establishing such institutions in
public and private sector. Many local investors have been trying hard
to get permission from the competent authority to establish various
much needed colleges in Kashmir valley but unfortunately bureaucracy
has been creating barriers and thus not allowing education sector to
flourish beyond a certain point. It is high time for all those
regional political parties who are in the race of power to make
sincere and concrete promises that they will not only allow investment
in the education sector without creating hurdles but will also create
a huge network of professional and technical colleges in every
district and region of the state”. Er. Rasheed said that whatsoever
Kashmiris are facing in rest of the states should act as a wakeup call
and while large number of students will prefer to leave their
education half way, rather studying outside J&K, parents will also be
facing physiological and real worries in sending their children
outside Kashmir. Er. Rasheed said “However we cannot deprive our
generation from getting best possible education in an era of huge
competition and advanced technology. It is also known to all that
getting passport too has become an uphill task for the youth and
studying outside Kashmir has become an issue, there is no way out but
to set up best class educational institutions in the state itself.
Prominent investors should prefer to invest in education sector. It
can really be a huge contribution towards the society. However unless
main political parties including NC and PDP do not promise to make the
process of establishing these institutions time bound and easy by
making necessary amendments in the laws, the aim cannot be achieved”.
Er. Rasheed welcomed actor turned politician Kamal Hassan’s statement
asking New Delhi to revisit its policies and resolve Kashmir dispute
by holding plebiscite, so that peace returns in the entire
sub-continent.  He said “It is good to see credible voices speaking
sense and understanding the significance of finding peaceful
resolutions rather indulging in spreading venom against each other”.