OIC’s invitation to Indian External Minister: Geelani expresses surprise   

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By KNO on 25/02/2019.

OIC’s invitation to Indian External Minister: Geelani expresses surprise   


Srinagar, February 25: Surprised over the unexpected move of inviting Indian External Minister by OIC, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Monday said that Muslims all over the world particularly in Kashmir are bruised by continuous repression and torture.

“Jammu and Kashmir is the only region which has been forcibly occupied against all the moral, ethical, democratic and human norms. It is chained for the last 71 years and majority population is striving hard to get rid of this occupation,” Geelani said in a statement issued to KNO.

He said mighty response from India has led to unending bloodshed and widespread devastation. “Killings, jails, torture, bullets, pellets, rape and molestation has become a usual tool by our oppressor.

When all these measures have failed to calm the freedom sentiments of the people, India is now using its judicial onslaught to change the demography of this Muslim majority state as they have done in Jammu in 1947. Our prisoners are living in constant threat to their life as recently a Pakistani prisoner was lynched to death by its majority inmates,” he said.

Geelani said that recent attack on Indian army has fueled the anti Kashmiri sentiments throughout India and fascist mobs went wild against every Kashmiri to avenge the army killings, creating a war like situation in the subcontinent.

“All religious and political leaders and workers have been roughed up in a massive nocturnal police crackdown. This minority has been pushed to the wall as their youth are dragged out of the education institutions and beaten to pulp. Smoke screen of war hysteria has created panic and confusion in the masses,” he said.

“Estimates of death and after effects of war are discussed everywhere—immense human catastrophe is knocking at the doors of human race and its root cause and flash point is nothing but Kashmir.

57 Muslim countries have never come to the rescue of Muslim Ummah and now this representative forum, instead of putting balm on the bleeding wounds of Kashmiri Muslims, are ready to welcome our killers and butchers, rubbing salt on our wounds. Inviting those whose hands are drenched in our blood and their swords are still out to slit our throats is nothing but unfortunate and a myopic vision,” he said.

Geelani said that active members of this forum should have resisted such move and conveyed a clear and loud message the ruling class of India, with more than 20 million Muslims, that treatment meted out to this largest minority and crushing them on one or the other context—is in no way acceptable to the guardians of this Ummah and can never be tolerated, But ALAS!

Meanwhile, paying tributes to slain militant of Kulgam encounter, Geelani said that this conflict continues to suck the blood of innocents. He said that “only the arrogance and deceitful attitude of the oppressor is responsible for this unending bloodshed and we as a nation can never compromise with this sacred mission of our martyrs.”