Please deescalate, people are in fear

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By Fast Kashmir on 28/02/2019.

Please deescalate, people are in fear

By, Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Srinagar, Feb 28: Tension between two nuclear-armed countries, India and Pakistan, are out of limits have seen from few decades and pointing it could increase further more.

Tension aroused after killing of 50 India security forces in a fidayeen attack at pulwamma. To that response and revenge India decided to go for surgical strikes and a day back they have done so after intrusing into other side of LOC and wanted to take over on Pakistani militant training camps.

The strike was inactionable as PAF nullified their intention and action by sending them back on time with out any damage. On their way they dropped their heavy payload in Wilder place where only big trees got damaged turn into ashes without any loss of life or property damage.

On this move Pak has made all it’s defense places active and said if any further intrusions will follow definitely they will give a surprise response to intrusing action in different directions and confirmed they will react without thinking further more.

This was happened so and both the countries we’re involved in nocturnal vigilance over border areas by sending air crafts in order to neutralize any intrusion or attack.

In between tension mounted on people they are looking very nervous and feared particularly half and weak hearted.
Curiosity spread among the residents that there could be full confrontation between two countries. Border areas were tightened and all entry and exit points have been sealed on LOC and both defensive army giving their strategies and people living around it have evacuated to the safer place. Essential commodities we’re made possible especially in hospitals ,food supplies departments etc.

Proper announcements we’re made about the confrontation and people advised to keep all daily use items in store so not to face their crises and shortage . People we’re blinded and flocked to buy these necessary items in order to be active or to face any untoward action.

In retaliation Pak air defenses claiming that they have downed two aircrafts with pilots got killed and one arrested at border area and in this engagement media of both the countries tried hard to prove their successes and hiding their loss. Finally India confirmed about the missing of aircraft and it’s pilot after pak claimed so during the whole day.This frowned the people of India and situation is heading towards unresponsive environment and both the countries are looking prepared and forward for escalation.

Media is also playing it’s role and miscalculating the war situation and don’t try to put forward it’s consequences where it starts can’t be predicted where can it be ended as happened in past wars.

Overall this created the tension across the LOC and people are feared over coming more and more attacks. There is red alert at essential services and public places ,few air ports we’re advised to seize the landing of air planes till normalcy resumes.

But both the countries should look forward for the betterment of people and focus on their development, prosperity and integration. Don’t try to escalate the war processes on listening the vitriolic talks. Try to stablise the economic issues and invest more and more on people for their betterment.

Announce better and positive so that people can take a sigh of relief and bring normalcy and peace as we people don’t want to live in fear ,in destructions and daily human loss.

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
PhD scholar/ Writer/ Columnist
Kuchmullah Tral