Sufferings of public of erstwhile Doda Distt! Who Cares?

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/02/2019.

Sufferings of public of erstwhile Doda Distt! Who Cares?

Abid Hussain Wani

Doda, February 11: The recent continous snowfall in JandK brings with it many problems and hampered the day to day life of people especially in erstwhile Doda Districts. The occurence of natural calamities cant be denied and blamed on someone but what preparedness we have to mitigate its “after impacts” can be questioned. Though the Crisis management is Collective responsibility of the Society, Government, and individuals, but in obvious sense govt has a major role to play. Administration shall have with it better responsive mechanism rather itself becoming a part of public sufferings, and their efficiency, activeness and responsiveness can be better checked at the time of such emergency situations rather during their routine business.
People right now especially in rural areas are facing hardships due to shortage of essential commodities like ration, medicines, water, electricity cut off, road cut off, health issues etc. besides the damages occured to their houses and cattle sheds, fruit bearing trees, gardens etc. Continous complaints of public are coming from areas like Bhalessa, Chiralla, Banjwah, Kahara, Gundna, Marmat, Gath, Assar, Paddar, Chatroo, Kastigrah, Bharath, Sazaan, Bagwah, Saroor, Bhalla, Paddar etc and even from Doda, Kishtwar, Bhadarwah PremNagar and Thathri towns.

Administration in this time should have an effective and real time post disaster management mechanism. Suggested Steps to be taken includes
(1) Analyse the damage

(2) Cleanup of rubble and rebuilding activities to begin.

(3) Make mitigation teams at local level with the help of Sarpanches, Panches,social organisations and responsible civil society members to reach out people in the time of emergency situations and equiped them with essential requirements.
(4) Analyse causes of disaster and future planning to tackle such disasters in future.

(5) Timely compensations for the damages occured

(6) Delivery of essential commodities through local shopkeepers, PDS, stores etc in far flung areas and above all
(7) Preferences should be given to rebuild and restart basic amenities like water, electricity and roads on war footing.

In spite of technological advances, disasters will continue to occur and affect humans in different ways. Fortunately, the effects caused by these emergencies can be mitigated via better preparedness, implementation of preventive measures, prompt response, and roll out of recovery strategies. The best way to achieve these goals is not to wait for any calamity but to keep yourself prepared to tackle all this well in time which unfortunately we are not taking care of.