The Interim Budget 2019: Technology Reactions

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By FK WEB DESK on 01/02/2019.

The Interim Budget 2019: Technology Reactions

Dr Ajay Data, CEO, Data Xgen Technologies

Srinagar, Fab 01: While welcoming the government focus on Digital India and its critical role in changing life of the people in the interim budget, Dr Ajay Data, CEO, Data Xgen Technologies said that technologies would play a role of powerful catalyst in making India a USD 10 billion country by 2030.

He said, “It is promising to note that the government has included and prioritised digital drive in its 10-Point agenda for holistic development in long term roadmap -‘Vision 2030’. On the growth of digital economy in rural areas, the government plans to create one lakh digital villages in the next five years, which will impact many lives.  In this process, as mentioned in the budget, millions of new jobs will be created in the ecosystem which is indeed a welcome move.”


But on contrary to the expectations of the sector, the Interim Budget 2019 has very little to offer in terms of incentives to boost innovations. There was no mention of higher allocation of fund for tech start-ups or any kind of support to the software product companies.

“We hope in its regular budget, the government would support software product companies and offer incentives to boost innovation. The sector also expected measures which would provide a level-playing field for tech companies. To give a new momentum to Digital India campaign, there is a need to bring in a holistic policy for Data Hosting and its accountability. There is need for an authority or regulatory body that oversees the implementation and action for entire data flow and storage in India,” Dr Data said.