Bhangidar residents in Tral suffer in absence of bridge

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By Fast Kashmir on 30/03/2019.

Bhangidar residents in Tral suffer in absence of bridge

Tral, March 30: The residents of Bhangidar area of Aripal tehsil in Tral sub district have expressed resentment against government for failing to construct bridge on local nallah.

The aggrieved residents have said that, they have been facing immense hardships in absence of bridge on “Brari-Nallah” near Gutroo village.

They said that, despite back to back requests to the concerned, their pleas were not redressed, due to which they are facing certain issues, as even a “wooden plank” has not been placed on the nallah.

“We are suffering from many problems in absence of bridge here. Authorities even failed to place a wooden plank there, which adds to our woes,” Chudiya Khan, a local said, adding that, they suffered massive damage so far in absence of bridge.

Women folk also said that, they are not able to walk on this nallah, as it poses threat to them, due to which they mostly stay at their houses.

Some of the women have said that, they even feel insecure to send their wards to the schools, as the “gushing waters could be dangerous anytime”

The locals have demanded that, their grievances should be redressed at the earliest and a bridge should be constructed on the “Brari-Nallah”

Compiled by: Basharat Rashid, Associate Editor, Fast Kashmir.