Caging people a mockery with democracy: JKDFP

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By CNS on 18/03/2019.

Caging people a mockery with democracy: JKDFP

Srinagar, Mar 18: Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has expressed anguish over the arrests in nook and corner of the valley and the plight people are going through due to raids and forces operations. The party has said that arresting hundreds of people for their political ideologies has turned the region into a big jail where people are scared even expressing their feelings.

The JKDFP Spokesperson said in a statement that the men in uniform have been set free to arrest each and every Kashmiri who has a different political ideology. The irony is that these undemocratic arrests are being made just before the so called parliamentary elections. The JKDFP Spokesperson said that caging people before elections is a mockery in the name of democracy.

He strongly condemned the ongoing arrest spree in the disputed region, and said that law is not followed in the region and people are made to suffer at the hands of those who claim to be the guards of law. That is why hundreds of people including common youth, religious leaders, political activists and even social workers have been placed behind bars and raids are on to arrest more. The off and on military operations have added to the miseries of the people who are being treated like cattle on highways, roads and all other public places by government forces.

Since people of Kashmir have time and again practically stated that coercion and repression cannot compel them to change their political stance so it is high time for the political leadership of India to accept the facts on ground about the Kashmir dispute. This only can pave way for a final resolution of the dispute which is a nuclear flashpoint between the two neighbouring countries.