Despite fixed rate list, Dealers demand extra rate for fertilizers

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By KNB on 30/03/2019.

Despite fixed rate list, Dealers demand extra rate for fertilizers

Srinagar 30 March: Despite the formal order by the Deputy Director Law enforcement, department of agriculture and fixing the price of the fertilizers in Kashmir, the dealers sell the said goods at the demandable prices resulting in the suffering of the farmers and peasants in the valley.

Earlier the department has fixed the rates at MRP per bag at different of different kinds of fertilizers as provided  by the different companies and as per the print rate displayed on the bags(50) kg of the fertilizer companies during the year 2018-19  for state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Even though the state administration had directed dealers not to indulge in selling the fertilizers on higher rates but they are turning the deaf ear to the guidelines of the administration.


Several farmers told Kashmir News Bureau that the fertilizer dealers across the valley have arbitrarily increased the price of the fertilizers   without taking the cognizance of the government orders.


Talking to Kashmir News Bureau, Mohd  Yaseen a farmer from Ganderbal said, “Despite the  tall claims the administration is failing to apply the law and check the market price of the   fertilizers as the dealers are selling the fertilizers at far higher rates than the prescribed by the authorities”


He further added that the authorities should send the teams to the markets to check the  prices and bring the culprit under law indulged in price inflations and violation of guidelines ”

The  department of the agriculture has earlier issued a rate list against the kind of fertilizer and company  as CFCL, IFFCO ,IPL, NEL and 266.50 for urea fertilizer for each company respectively and 1450, 1400, 1450 and 1400 for DAP  fertilizer for each company and 950 , 1375 for MOP and NPK fertilizers respectively.