Lagama Uri residents face acute water scarcity

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By KNO on 26/03/2019.

Lagama Uri residents face acute water scarcity

Baramulla, March 26: Inhabitants of Lagama area of Uri here have expressed resentment against the Public Health Engineering (PHE) for failing to provide adequate water supply to them. Accusing the PHE department of ignoring their plights, the residents of Dabarpati, Lagamapati and Kheshyari villagers here have demanded immediate redressal of their grievances.

The inhabitants said that they are without water supply for last six years. The aggrieved inhabitants said that they are being deprived by the authorities as PHE department has posted only one employee for three villages with a population of nearly four thousand people.

The residents told KNO that six years ago, the PHE department installed the water pipes but are dried up. Abdul Ahad Cheche, one of the residents told KNO that their womenfolk are being forced to walk miles to fetch water to quench the thirsty due to the official apathy.

“We have several times appealed to the authorities regarding the basic problems people face here, but we are yet waiting for their steps to be taken,” he told KNO. AEE PHE Uri, Irfan Latief told KNO that the above ground pipes could be of old scheme, hopefully in the current year the new pipes would be settled in the area.

“Since the area is too vast they department has all the employees engaged in all the areas, however the department would deploy more employees in the Lagama area,” Latief told KNO. He added that the department is looking to put out the loopholes and bottleneck, hopefully the area would be served good