Over 90% schools building collapsed with rain & Snowfall

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By Fast Kashmir on 16/03/2019.

Over 90% schools building collapsed with rain & Snowfall

Abid Hussain Wani

Saroor/(Kishtwar), March 16: School envoirnment, location of school and and class rooms setting are key features of healthy and effective teaching learning process.

But in one of the most backward and neglected area of Chanab valley, Saroor area of Block Drabshalla all this seems to be a dream for locals and students, as 90 percent of School buildings constructed duiring SSA plan got collasped and badly damaged due to recent extreme weather condition. All the school buildings are facing same fate, Resulting zero percent attandence in Schools after end of Winter break , as they are fearing the collaspe of other parts of buildings.

Government MS Dhar Banjar is one othe single institution with 100 percent enrollment of SC and ST students, and Four teachers, is one of the mostly effected School. First building of this school was constructed in 2012 which was set ablaze by unknown persons in june 2014 , soon a new building was being constructed, was still incomplete also got damaged.

Same is the condition of PS Dhanuni, MS Kholoru, MS Hora and MS Tatani B. A teacher of MS Tatani B while speaking to our correspondend expressed grief sorrow and Termed It a loss for future of Students, Senior citizens and students also demanded immidate action againest contractors responsible for wastege of time of students.

Now once again a Serious question arises that who shoud be held responsible for loss of Students and Society. It is a question whuch should be answerd by Ex MLA inderwal, as all the contractors involved in construction of these most important buildings were his Rekatives Relatives and Workes.