Two American soldiers killed in Afghanistan

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By IANS on 23/03/2019.

Two American soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Kabul, March 22:  Two American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan were killed on Friday during an anti-terror operation, the US mission in the country said.

“Two US service members were killed while conducting an operation on March 22,” the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission said in a brief statement without providing any further details.

The names of the killed soldiers would be withheld until 24 hours after the next of kin of the deceased has been notified of the death.

The coalition forces did not provide details about the nature of the operation or where it was conducted.

Insurgent attacks on Afghan and international security forces are common in Afghanistan, especially in the southern and eastern provinces where Taliban has a major presence.

According to latest figures, the US has approximately 14,000 military personnel stationed in Afghanistan.

A majority of these personnel are part of the NATO mission for training Afghan troops while the rest are involved in anti-terror operations.

Around 2,400 US troops have lost their lives in the Afghan war since it began in 2001.