Ban on civilian traffic on highway ‘outrageous’: Sehrai

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By KNO on 04/04/2019.

Ban on civilian traffic on highway ‘outrageous’: Sehrai

Srinagar, April 04: Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai on Thursday termed the traffic ban on highway as ‘outrageous and inhuman’, stating that “such oppressive tactics seems a sinister design to provoke the people of Kashmir.”

Sehrai in a statement issued to KNO said that such decision will have disastrous social and economical consequences. He said the “such order on the public and private vehicular movement on Srinagar-Jammu highway a mockery of liberties and right of the citizen to travel and move. The only ban yet to be imposed is on normal breathing.”

“The restriction on traffic due to convoys is a ploy to inflict further pain, misery and punishment to the people of Kashmir. Infact a brazen display of imperialistic approach of those who claimed the world largest democracy. How will the patients travel? What about students? What about extreme medical emergencies?”

He said the convoy movement order is completely a brazen display of suffocating and choking Kashmiris to ultimate thrush hold. Sehrai said “this appears to be a tactic barrowed from the Israel which they have been using against the Palestinians since decades.”