Bhat denounces arrests, crackdown against youth across valley 

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By FK WEB DESK on 17/04/2019.

Bhat denounces arrests, crackdown against youth across valley 
Srinagar, April 17: Senior PDP leader Nizamuddin Bhat has invited the attention of Governor administration towards difficulties faced by the youth of Valley and inhabitants of hill areas.
He said that while the youth are indiscriminately being suspected and harassed, residents of hilly belts are denied basic facilities to live.
Pointing towards arrests and crackdown from police and security agencies, Bhat said hundreds of youth are every day summoned and detained in every nook and corner of the Valley and are dubbed as miscreants and stone-pelters.
He said that there is no end to this even in areas where the election is over. “This kind of policy is not only alienating youth but the faith of every parent in the system is eroded. The atmosphere of uncertainty and insecurity is further deepening.”
Bhat said similarly rural population is feeling anguished over constant denial of audience for day to day problems and basic needs.
He said harsh and long winter had brought woes for loss of power, health facilities, connectivity, communication, and drinking water. “Now the administrative apathy and unconcern for redressal are creating an impression of deliberate neglect out of design to force people to submission.”
Bhat expressed dismay over disjointed voices on issues of common concern. “If society stands segregated like it is now, atrocious policies perpetrated on youth and poor will find no resistance.”
He said it is unfortunate that political parties of substance are yet not sensing the amount of damage being caused by disharmony to both society and polity.
Bhat hoped that conscientious class will rise to the occasion, before it is too late.