Exit Poll: PEACS Media predicts hung parliament, BJP to touch 200 mark 

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By CNS on 09/04/2019.

Exit Poll: PEACS Media predicts hung parliament, BJP to touch 200 mark 

Srinagar, Apr 8: PEACS Media Exit Poll has predicted a hung parliament in India. It has claimed that BJP can form the government only with the support of other parties.

   The Exit poll predicts 190-210 seats for BJP, 100-120 to Congress with Maha Ghatbandhan just managing 40-45 seats. The poll shows vote swing in favour of Congress.

   The poll results predicted by PEACS Media News Service shows BJP losing states in majority of the states with Congress and other parties making inroads.

  According to exit poll, BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh may go to the kitty of Mahaj Ghatbhandan. In UP, Maha Ghatbhandan may bag 40-45 seats, BJP 25-30 while Congress may manage to win only 2 to 5 seats.

   The exit poll in West Bengal shows a complete victory for Mamta Benerji led Trinmool Congress Party. In West Bengal, TCP may get 36 seats, BJP 5 while Congress may manage only 3 seats.

   According to the Exit Poll, out of 543 Parliament seats, BJP will get 201 seats, Congress 104, Maha Ghatbhandan 43, DMK 25, AITC 34, SHS 16, JDU 11, BJD 12, TDP 12, TRS 11, Left 6, RJD 4.

    State wise as per opinion poll, out of 25 seats in Rajhstan, BJP may get 20 and Congress 5, BJP may get 15 and Congress 3 in Bihar, BJP 33 and Congress 4 in UP, BJP 22 and Congress 7 in MP, BJP 17 and BJP 8 in Maharashtra, BJP 5 and Congress 3 in West Bengal, BJP 7 and Congress 2 in Orrisa, BJP 22 and Congress 4 in Gujurat, BJP 2 and Congress 9 in Punjab, BJP 7 and Congress 2 in Haryana, BJP 4 and Congress 1 in Utrakhand, BJP 3 and Congress 1 in Himachal, BJP 5 and Congress 4 in Assam, BJP 12 and Congress 10 in Karnataka, BJP 4 and Congress 4 in Jharkhand, BJP 4 and Congress 7 in Chatisgarh, BJP 2 and Congress 1 in Jammu Kashmir, BJP 1 and Congress 9 in Kerala, BJP 1 and Congress 5 in Tamil Nadu, BJP 1 and Congress 4 in Telangana, BJP 2 and Congress 3 in Andhra Pradesh, BJP and Congress one each in Goa, One seat for BJP in Tripura, and one seat each for Congress in Meghalya. Congress may get a single seat from Mizoram, Manipur, Arunachal, Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshdweep and Pudduchery while single seats may go into the kitty of BJP of Arunachal, Chandigarh and Daman and Diu. Out of 7 seats in Delhi, BJP may get 6 seats