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By KNO on 06/04/2019.

Geelani condemns economic crackdown on media

Srinagar: April 06 : Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Saturday strongly condemned the economic crackdown on media particularly some household news papers and said that for the past so many decades every individual of this nation and its every institution is paying a heavy price for the historical blunders of its myopic and self centered political stalwarts.

In a statement issued to KNO, he said that “people whole heartedly supported them, suffered immensely for their political gains and played a decisive role in shaping and building their political cult without caring for themselves and their families, but the slaves of their own interests never cared for their wishes, aspirations and their emotions and stabbed them in their back to guarantee power and perks for not only themselves for their coming generations as well, dampening the whole nation in an unending pool of miseries, atrocities, chaos and uncertainty, from which every person strives very hard to get out, but thousands of deaths, large-scale devastation and unparallel miseries failed to convince our oppressor. Even the peaceful voice is hard to tolerate by the occupier.”

“Root cause of all ills is the forced occupation, which has eroded the psyche of every individual, the essence of every institution and even our identity and existence is threatened,” he said, adding that throttling and curbing the media houses is part of the vast game plan by the fascist forces, using the mask of democracy to destroy every fabric of it.

He said those thumbing the chest to uphold the fourth pillar of democracy is themselves the architects of the undemocratic assault on media. Geelani said that like every institution media people too have a strenuous and suffocating environment to carry out their professional duties and they too had to face a double edged sword from the last so many decades.

“Although front pages and lead news is usually reserved for the occupier and its stooges, but still the sentiments of people managed to get some space. How pathetic is that after every unrealistic, undemocratic and unethical assault on the basic and fundamental human rights, our highest bureaucracy is there to bail them out, by their explanations,” he said.

He said that India uses its executive and constitutional might to disintegrate every institution, be it our industries, agriculture, tourism, education, healthcare or politics, just to force us to beg them for help. Geelani said that every political activity, elections etc. are a source of worry and harassment for us and curbing, punishing and harassing us has become a national obligation of Indian ruling class.

“Depriving us of our resources, skinning off our identity and crushing us to maximum, is the new doctrine of our oppressor. Pro-Indian politicians, our intellectuals, writers, columnists and youth should dig deep and see and feel the venomous outcome of such unnatural union and if we are really concerned for our coming generations and their future, we need to convey to those, reaching the power corridors by our vote and support, that we no longer can afford to ruin our hereafter and future of our youngsters just to safeguard your worldly comforts and luxuries,” he said