Inam Un Nabi presides over Hope Ray function in Shahr e Khass

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By FK WEB DESK on 10/04/2019.

Inam Un Nabi presides over Hope Ray function in Shahr e Khass

Srinagar, April 10: Hope Ray organisation organised programme on social evils at Hooked Restaurant at Khayam in Shahr e Khass Srinagar in which Socio Political activist and TV debater Inam Un Nabi was the guest of honour. The programme was titled ‘Wal Az Tulu Akh Kadam’.

Inam lauded the Hope Ray organisation for laudable efforts that it is rendering to betterment of humanity and Kashmir.

Inam Un Nabi in his speech expressed displeasure the manner in which accountability and transparency standards have gone down in the Kashmir valley and corruption prevalent in civil administration goes unnoticed. Inam further said ” the violence has different forms and non structural violence meted out to gullible Kashmiris  through redtapism and corruption by civil administration is unparalleled.  He further urged the sane in the society to sensitive people about this injustice and unparalleled administrative apathy. The way Civil Officers are treating commoners on highway is inhuman and unacceptable

Inaam observed that many works done by Police Department in a transparent and professional way are unnoticed, which should be appreciated and society at large sensitized for appreciation of such gestures . Inam observed that both police and civil have a moral and professional responsibility of healing the wounds of historically deprived Kashmiris.

Inam called on youth of Kashmir to rise to the occasion and help in carving our progressive Kashmir so that Kashmir will rise and lead from the front.

Dr. Burhan Bazaz shared with the participants about the problems faced by the drug addicts and the consequent detrimental effect on health. Dr. Burhan also shared some case stories from drug de-addiction centre. He shared that conscious efforts by each family such as involving in positive conversations with children and engaging with their peer groups can play a crucial role towards curbing this social menace.

Social Activist Umer Wani shared that few key reasons contributing to their generation falling prey to such harmful habits are unemployment, conflict and poverty. Umar Wani further said that the youths should step up and through innovative engagements undertake efforts towards dealing with such a social problem.