My dream is to make sopore real “chota London”: Feroze Peerzada

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By KNB on 17/04/2019.

My dream is to make sopore real “chota London”: Feroze Peerzada

Srinagar, April 17: The only reason to join the politics is to serve the people of my motherland, sharing the journey from a small Sopore village to a leading Entrepreneur, JKPM Leader Feroze Peerzada in an exclusive interview with Kashmir News Bureau


Tell us about your early journey?


I first came out of the Sopore  town in 1987 and was in 2nd year class  to become an actor, took a train from Delhi to Bombay (Mumbai) with only 3000 rupees in my pocket   to a unknown place as a stranger . It took me time to adjust with the atmosphere, language and culture.


How did you overcome the initial Struggle?


It was my friendly nature which helped me to win the hearts and fortunately got the chance to meet with some of the renowned  personalities like Dilip Kumar , Sunil Dutt , Amitabh sir …they helped me and I am thankful of them and all the other persons who helped me in initial stages.


Though having the passion for becoming an actor you became a successful business man? Reason


Initially, I left sopore  to become an actor and between 1988-90 also signed contracts with many film industries and big screens but “the man proposes god disposes” frankly it was too tough for me to do the acting  as it was too laborious job for me and destiny took to other side and I became a businessman rather an actor.


Being a successful businessman. why did you joined the politics?


The only reason for me to join the politics  is to serve the people of my motherland, when we look at the present scenario of the  state of Jammu and Kashmir, it thought it was my moral duty to do something for common people as they were back backstabbed by the most of the  politicians. My dream is to make sopore again what it was I left.


What changes you see from the Sopore of 1984 you left and today?


Honestly, the Sopore of 1984 was so beautiful, there was positivity, harmony, people were united and connected and markets used to shine up to late night but unfortunately, today the life seems standstill, dull and lackluster, which really hurts.

What changes you want to bring in sopore


My dream is to make the sopore real “chota London” as it was before , my main focus will be ensure the world class market for the apple products and promote the tourism in areas like watlab and wullar.


What was reason for joining shah Faisal’s JKPM?

Sincerely , after meeting shah Faisal I got influenced by his vision , it is fortunate that a leader like him has emerged , I can assure that if he comes in power , definitely there will be  positive change in the political situation in state .


What is your opinion as a politician on the highway

ban for two days a week for civilian traffic?


It is most unfortunate and irrational decision, I totally disagree with this decision, these laws only result in the alienation of the common people with the judiciary system of country, people of valley are already suffering, it adds to woes of people, government should revoke such orders.


What will your party do for youth of state?

We will provide them with a platform, so that they will excel in every field and have a prosperous and dignified life