Aripal spring (Naag), The Ataraxy & Cynosure of Tral

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/05/2019.

Aripal spring (Naag), The Ataraxy & Cynosure of Tral

Nawazz Ibn Ahad

Tral, May 08: As the Kashmir valley is known for its natural beauty through out the entire world, It is so beautiful that it has got a fame of ” mini Switzerland of Asia” .On the other hand, Valley has no shortage of water resources.
When we talk about the kashmir valley , The beauty deviates us to famous watersprings like chashma shahi, kokernag, Verinag and much more.
In Kashmir valley, A town lagging on all fronts , Once educationally sick now producing great people , A town named after the ” Three pearls” called Tral has also abundance of water resources and among mystic springs is Aripal Nag (spring).
Aripal is a village situated somewhat 12kms from sub-district headquarters and is now working as tehsil for dozens of upper Villages of Tral.
Overlooked by magnificent vasturvan mountains, Aripal spring is considered as a big draw for flock of people,  A live wire like energetic, A bolt from the blue like unexpected piece of land and a far cry and notably different from the rest of parts of valley.
An equally beautiful and majestic spring is at Aripal. A rough road leading to the village and a walk across the river leads to an almost 100-foot wall of a mountain. Underneath this sheer vertical precipice, a spring gushes out. Though springs are common in Kashmir but what makes this one distinct is its setting. It gushes out from the foot of a mountain as it rises vertically high up. This spring is unfortunate in the sense that it did not find Jehangir to embellish it up; instead the present day qualified engineers working in various departments have wreaked havoc on it. The engineering wings of Irrigation and Flood Control, Fisheries and Rural Development departments have left no stone unturned to turn it into an ugly mangled mass of concrete and chain link. To ensure its further desecration, obnoxious iron pipes lie scattered in the stream. A cement canal leading out the pristine water towards fisheries farm is equally repulsive to look at.
Aripal spring sits at a distance of 42km Southeast of Jammu & Kashmir’s summer capital, Srinagar, known for its chastity and pristine waters. the spring has water sweeter than the nector , vivid like pearl and gushes like brownian and sings in a soft and sentimental like
Croon.The spring located on the foothills of Vasturvan forest with deodar bower and is full of natural Gooey which is lenting a serene and clossal look to the Spring .
With the onset of spring season , as the whole valley blooms , the Spring of Aripal being located in the bower of deodar trees and in the lap of majestic vasturvan mountains also lents a serene beauty and acts as a paragon and cynosure for local visitors.The spring acts as a kernal for local visitors and is now becoming a thronging place .people from nook and corner of Tral are coming to conceive the spring during spring season .
Besides the attractive nature , The spring also serves as a main reservoir of domestic water.Its water being sweeter than Nector, clear than crystal and unclouded and acquit than pearl
dispatched to almost all the villages of Tral including the Tral town.The source of water for spring is unknown. Some experts are saying that the water to spring is coming from the famous tourist resort of Tral named as “NAAGBERAN” .Naagberan is upper belt of Dachigam National park , which on one side is lapped by Dachigam and Pehalgam and Tral on other sides.In this tourist destination resort there are two famous and clossal springs “Sar’s” “TAARSAR &MAARSAR” .Taarsar is believed to be the main source of Aripal spring .

Aripal spring is also known for trout fish. It is also acting as revenue nerve for locals and fisheries department. It generates extremely
Gung ho and a flutter revenue , and is now acting as Hobson’s choice for local youth as the main source of employment .
Despite Aripal spring pulls a long face and is providing a Midas touch to local residents and a very iota are getting benefits from this spring generated employment, But now the Spring is making ducks and dracks to local residents and is squandering the will of local unemployed youth.
The spring also serves as hub of fisheries department and nerve for unemployed youth, but this status of the spring is vanishing & melting like icecream.Day by Day the spring is serving on the mercy of God and is depleting like ozone.