Arrival of Ramzan brings cheer among Muslims

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By Fast Kashmir on 07/05/2019.

Arrival of Ramzan brings cheer among Muslims
Naveed Ahmad Najar

Ramadan is the ninth month of the islamic calendar. Healthy adult muslims fast in ramadan from sunrise to sunset. During fast, they refrain from drinking, eating and from immoral acts and anger. ramadan is the month that purify the soul and bring the individual closer to Allah { SWT }. Muslims believe that the Quran was revealed in ramadan. Muslims wake up early to eat a pre-dawn meal called “Suhoor” and they break their fast with referred to as Iftaar.
“Ramadan is about inculcating in us the realization of the power of Allah, and to remind us of his omnipotence and a mean of thanking him for bestowing us with so many blessings. It is about giving up some of life’s usual pleasures to show our gratitude towards Allah said Mudabbir Ahmad.” he added, ” Ramadan serves as a refresher of our obligation towards Allah and his subject, so we should help the poor and needy people as much as and we cannot only during ramadan, but all years around”.
Ramadan is the month in which the Quran has been sent down as guidance for mankind, and clear proof of the guidance and the criterion of right and wrong. The messenger of Allah said, “when the month of ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of hell are closed and the devils are chained”.
“Ramadan is the holy month of the year. Fasting is farz to do and it’s compulsory for every adult muslim. Fasting is a way to learn patience and away from bad habits.Ramadan teaches us so many things like we avoid wasting of time, away from bad habits etc. Ramadan is the month of forgiveness, charity said Fayaz ahmad najar”.
Maria Ashraf says, Ramadan is the blessed month of the year. During this month we recite Quran, help the poor people,be kind and generous. Ramadan is the time for patience and humility as well as spritual cleansing of mind and body. Ramadan is the time of rules and regulations. such things that may break fast like lying to someone, using of bad language, smoking, Alcohol drinking, Nutritional Injections, eating during fasting breaks the fast.
Fasting is compulsory for every adult muslim. but on the other hands people on medication, pregnant women, and travelers are exempted from fasting.”
“The first thing about Ramadan it is the main pillar of islam and farz to do fast. Fast means to avoid all sins, and to be a good follower of Allah and his messenger {PUBH} Fasting is an exercise in self-control and ramadan is the month in which Quran was first revealed said Iqbal Basheer”. he added, “The purpose of fasting have so many benefits in islam way and also in our daily life or health wise like you can lose your weight, you can beat undiagnosed cancer with the help of fasting.”
After 29 or 30 day’s fast ends with the beginning of the new moon of shawaal and the Eid ul fitr celebrations begin across the world.