Bhat castigates government for ignoring Bandipore  

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By FK WEB DESK on 11/05/2019.

Bhat castigates government for ignoring Bandipore  

Bandipore, May 11: Senior PDP leader Nizamuddin Bhat expressing disgust at the perpetual apathy of successive regimes towards the public issues in Bandipore said that it will require a widespread campaign to make the administration rise to “our woes.”

Bhat while addressing a workers meeting in Bandipora recalled innumerable protests from suffering people which have got no response and deadlines for redressal, which were never met.
He said Bandipore is the main contributor towards water, forest and animal resource of the state. “People have got nothing in return except miseries and decline of natural wealth.”
Bhat said Wullar is shrinking, Wullar habitants are deprived of sustenance. “Similarly, pastures and forests dwindle,  making the dependent people bankrupt.”
He said the environment and tourism sector never evoked concern resulting in neglect and deprivation.
Bhat told the gathering that infrastructure building has been a cruel joke with residents. “College, bus stand, grid station, hospital buildings are turned into huge liabilities and people are made to bear the brunt of blunders without any accountability.”
He said enough propaganda has been made for development out of hoax and area has to suffer further.
Bhat asked people to take a dispassionate review of how the resources have been swindled and rise for the posterity to pre-empt further exploitation and hoodwinking.
He urged his sympathizers to stand united and devote themselves to public service through value-based politics.
Bhat urged them to further launch an awareness campaign on wrongs done which have marred development and stripped people of their resources and ethos so that politics of mechanization and cheating with innocents is exposed.