Dachan Marwah Warwan, A neglected paradise in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir state

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By Fast Kashmir on 05/05/2019.

Dachan Marwah Warwan, A neglected paradise in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir state


Kishtwar, May 05: Whatever we can say and who shall trust on this , that in this modern era of science and technology and the age of 21st century , several regions in Kishtwar constituency remain neglected by Centre and State Government from Independent India .
To whom we blame and who will stand with poors , that may sound strange but its true that , “Calling it as mordern age of science and technology or early man age , Marwah Dachan Warwan residents awaits basic amenities” .
The author is unknown from said village , but having a documentary shots and exclusive interview of residents from Marwah Dachan Warwan , surprised that how poor and downtrodden masses are living in this modern era as they are deprived of their basic rights .
In an exclusive chat with prominent Social Activist from Marwah Dachan Warwan Sheikh Zafferullah said that the whole region is falling under jurisdiction of Kishtwar district in 51 Kishtwar Assembly segment having its own status and natural beauties , remain neglected by State Government from its Independence as representatives didn’t pay any heed toward these regions . The above said residents are still living their life like early man as they are being deprived of basic rights .
Having a ray of hope to raise their voices without any caste, creed, colour, and religions claims that they are not having the right of Democratic India as they are being deprived from basic rights and awaits basic amenities . Among the residents of Marwah Dachan Warwan, they informed that we are not having road connectivity as we have to shouldered patients and pregnant ladies to reach District Hospital Kishtwar from where we have to lift them to Government Medical College Jammu.
Residents added that you can think what we have to do in case of emergency and accidental cases , How we have to reach Hospital for treatment , Are we not humans ? Residents of Marwah Dachan Warwan asked state government that whatever you shall feel when your relative pregnant women shall give birth to a baby child when she is on its way to Hospital , Is Humanity alive in you and You being a ruler of Jammu and Kashmir state I have right to ask question and What will happen with you if such incidents happened to anyone of your relatives ?
As per the details that “Roads are called backbone of development , Unfortunately Marwah Dachan Warwan is still not connected with District Headquarter Kishtwar and rest with State by road connectivity as the work was started in few decades ago but till day concerned agencies failed in construction of road . It is unknown to we peoples weather the road is under JKPCC, PMGSY or any other department. Will the Marwah Dachan Warwan get road connectivity it is yet to mention ?
The educational system is completely defunct in Marwah Dachan Warwan as only Government Higher Secondary school is established from last several decades that is running under violation of teaching staff , lack of accommodation / classrooms, playground and other educational systems . From where students after passing class 12th examination send off their studies as they are not having highly source of income to study on rented accommodation at Kishtwar or Anantnag . Will the Higher Secondary and shall all posts filled , It is yet to mention? Adding that some schools lacks the accommodation of building as few days ago a visual on social media went viral when a girl student appeals State Administration for early sanctioning of schools building and modernization of educational system in remote areas.
Negligence of Public Health Engineering Department ( PHE ) or else other , concerned department receiving water bills timely from these poor , Marwah Dachan Warwan is still facing scarcity of safe drinking water as no proper pipeline is installed from Independence , besides they have to fetch water for springs or nallas for their daily use as this is question mark against said department . Will the new pipeline installed and shall the residents gets safe drinking water , it is yet to mention ? Whatever we can say “Digital India or Stone age” Power Development Department ( PDD ) had became only a name for Marwah Dachan Warwan as few iron poles are installed and rest the electrification had not yet completed despite PDD received Award of 100% electrification in Jammu and Kashmir. Is this justice with poors peoples who are yet waiting to see electricity in their homes. Will PDD install iron poles and establish new stations to provide better electrification to village Marwah Dachan Warwan , it is yet to mention ?
Is this transparency or corruption in CAPD as residents had to collect their ration from various locations as no Food depot is opened on proper location , Beside residents faces the acute shortage of essential commodities including Rice, Aata, Sugar, Kerosene oil and LPG Gas as they are not getting the ration as per the monthly quota . Beside these CA&PD dealers / salesman had involved the poors in Above Poverty Line (APL) category who are having their monthly income below 4000 ,and others who are having political image are involved in Below Poverty Line (BPL) category , that is injustice with poor residents of village Marwah Dachan Warwan as the ration cards are under correction due to negligence of concerned dealers . Will ration depot opened and poors involved in BPL category , it is yet to mentioned. FallingsFallings under category of Schedule Caste , Schedule Tribe and other backward class ( S C and S T ) residents of Marwah Dachan Warwan are not getting the benefits under SC / ST quota from various sponsored schemes . Will be the residents get benefit of category , it is yet to mention ? Under the Prime Minister flagship programme of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan , Rural Development Department failed in construction of Toilets , developmental works and cattle turfs under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) schemes . Beside these few developmental work takes place for public interest as the work that were taken were for their own intrest of employees in RDD . Will the proper works taken under MGNREGA and shall transparency comes in RDD , it is yet to mention ?
Under the centrally sponsored scheme Social Welfare Department failed in opening of Aanganwadi and Balwadi centers for infants and the benefits for pregnant women is denied from said programme . Why not such centers established for cause of poors , Will such centres established or not , it is yet to mention ? In Marwah Dachan Warwan Higher Secondary school is running under violation of staff, requirement norms and many more resulting that mostly the students remains illiterate . Beside all these facts and grevicences of Marwah Dachan Warwan it is yet mention that ” Is it part of Democratic India or not ” ? Who is responsible for negligence of Marwah Dachan Warwan? Will the residents of Marwah Dachan Warwan gets response, it is yet to mention .
Not only these , residents of Marwah Dachan Warwan residents are still living like early man age in this modern era of technology . It is important to mention that from Independent India , the said village always remain neglected by State Government and concerned representatives who fails to reach out cause of poor suffering .

{The author is Freelance Journalist Columnist and Human Right Activist from Kishtwar Jammu and Kashmir and can be reached at [email protected]