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By Fast Kashmir on 11/05/2019.

I Met Angel of Death today

By Javeed Ali

Thankfully, I am speaking to you again through my smartphone. It could not have been possible. Yes, I met the worst accident of my life today. Escaped from death by a whisker. It was a terrible accident. Eye witnesses recounted that my survival is a miracle. “How can a person survive in such a horrific accident”, they mulled.

I received bruises, contusions on my legs and arms, besides stitches on my temple. Blood was oozing from my body and my clothes were drenched in blood. The Swift car had almost rolled me down under its wheels. I was just waiting the “Angel of Death” that he would come and take my soul out of my body.

Thanks to Allah Almighty, I survived. Now, I am in my room with my family members, relatives and friends around showering their selfless love and affection. Despite in pain, their presence is giving me a much needed comfort. I am feeling their worth in my life now.

Today, Allah Almighty gave me new lease of life. I am feeling blessed. I wouldn’t have been writing this piece. People would have performed my last rites and my “Book of Aemaal” would have been closed.

I have been given one more opportunity. An opportunity to revamp my life in the way of Allah Almighty. I have been given one more occasion to do good for humanity. One more moment to set the things right.

Although tragic but this accident taught me the value of life. Life is beautiful but only when we live it like Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) and Ahlulbayt (A.S.).

Last but not the least, follow traffic rules religiously and most importantly wear helmet on your motorcycles.

The author is a freelance writer and can be reached at [email protected]