Inefficiency of M.C turns business hub Sopore into cesspool: Feroze Peerzada

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By FK WEB DESK on 04/05/2019.

Inefficiency of M.C turns business hub Sopore into cesspool: Feroze Peerzada

Requests D. C to reactivate the civic body

Sopore, May 4: Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement(JPM) leader Feroze Peerzada has expreesed serious concern on the fast deteriorating sanitation conditions in Sopore town particularly in and around its Bus stand.
He has castigated concerned municipal body for its utter failure to put in place a proper waste disposal mechanism in the town which has turned this important business hub into a cesspool of filth and garbage .
” There are nowhere designated garbage dumping sites in sight in the Sopore town and its bus stand and one can see huge garbage dumps littering everywhere, Feroze Peerzada has said in a statement issued to press today.
He said that foul smell emanting from littered garbage and waste material heaps has put health conditions of the people at great risk.
He said if immediate measures are not taken for an effective waste disposal mechanism in the town and its bus stand , outbreak of an epidemic can hardly be escaped in view of the coming summer season.
“Not only this, littering waste and garbage has given rise to a terrific dog menace in the entire Sopore town , at an alarming level, putting lives of the people to a great risk, Feroze Peerzada said while urging the Deputy Commissioner, Baramulla to reactivate men and machinery for cleansing the town so that that health and hygiene of the people is not put to danger. He said prevailing un hygienic conditions in the town has put functioning of the M. C. sopore to a big question mark thereby necessitating it to make the civic body fully accountable and effective to meet urges and aspirations of the inhabitants of Sopore town .”
Inhabitants and traders in Sopore have every right to demand better civic amenties and seek an answer from the civic body Sopore for its in- aptness to keep the town clean , Feroze Peerzada maintained while cautioning against public outwrath, in case it fails to redress grievances of the people on war footing bases. He said Sopore Municipal committee must make proper arrangements for collecting and clearing garbage and waste from various wards on daily basis and to put it in designated dumping sites for further disposal.