Is being a Muslim in Jammu province a crime

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By FK WEB DESK on 16/05/2019.

Is being a Muslim in Jammu province a crime

Jammu administration controlled by communal forces: Er. Rasheed

Says if everyone was asked to deposit weapons in Police stations, where from did goons got weapon to kill Nayeem

Srinagar, 16 May: Condemning the brutal murder of Nayeem Ahmad Bhat by the goons at Nathali Baderwah during night hours, AIP President Er. Rasheed has asked administration to explain if everyone was asked to deposit the licensed weapons in police stations after elections were announced, where from did the goons got the weapons to kill yet another innocent man. In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “It is not the first or the isolated incident but such horrible and shameful incidents have been happening in Jammu province after regular intervals and with the silent consent of administration. The fact is that Jammu administration is being run by those who are under direct control of communal forces and nothing lies in the hands of civil and police administration. Is being a Muslim in Jammu province a crime? Government has failed to protect the Muslim community in Jammu and there can be nothing shameful than the fact that blood of Jammu Muslims is becoming cheaper than water”. Urging Governor Administration to ensure that the killers are taken to task Er. Rasheed said that those killing humans just in the name of fake love and respect for cows are doing neither any service to their religion nor can they become nationalists by such shameful acts. Er. Rasheed reiterated his demand that government must snatch all the weapons issued to goons of so called village defense committees and said that there is no need to deal with any eventuality by these private and unconstitutional Militias as police and other agencies are capable of doing their job if allowed to do so