JKLF Deep concern expressed over the deteriorating health condition of jailed Yasin Malik

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By FK WEB DESK on 04/05/2019.

JKLF Deep concern expressed over the deteriorating health condition of jailed Yasin Malik

Srinagar, May 04: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) acting Chairman Abdul Hameed Butt through a statement issued for media from party headquarters in Srinagar has expressed his deepest of concerns over the deteriorating health condition of jailed party chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik in Tihar Jail, Delhi. Keeping Yasin Malik in a solitary confinement and depriving him of his basic human rights is actually the tactics of political vendetta Indian authorities are treading upon, he stated. He said that Yasin Malik like towering personality of the State of Jammu Kashmir is becoming the pray to political victimization. His arbitrary and illegal arrest, slapping of PSA on him, shifting and handing him over to NIA custody in Delhi, ill-treatment he was met with during his 12 long hunger strike against NIA high handedness in their custody and now keeping him caged in solitary confinement and depriving him of fundamental rights due for a jailed political leader is undemocratic, immoral and utter violation of human rights, acting chairman elaborated. Caging him in a cell and depriving him of his rights, being done to punish him and to break his will, is highly condemnable, Butt added. He said that India is signatory to many international covenants for which she is bound to provide basic human rights of a politically jailed leader but with regards to Yasin Malik and many other pro-freedom Kashmiri leaders India failed to abide by these covenants, thus openly and brazenly violates the international agreements. Even not allowing Yasin Malik to read books in jail, one can understand the height of Indian approach and the restrictions put in place for him, he lamented and castigated India over this callous and inhuman attitude. Butt warned India of dire consequences if anything untoward happens with the most popular and sincere leader of the State of Jammu Kashmir as there are hundreds and thousands of his followers who won’t tolerate it.

In view of the actual condition of Yasin Malik in jail narrated by his younger sister yesterday through a press conference, the acting chairman of JKLF has appealed international forums like UNHRC (Geneva), Amnesty International (AI), Asia Watch and other relevant institutions including that of human rights champions in India to come forward, play their role and save precious life of Yasin Malik from the inhuman, callous, unethical and undemocratic approach of Indian authorities.

Meanwhile a five days long sit-in (dharna) protest was held by JKLF (UK Zone) outside the Indian High Commission in London, UK against India over the ill-treatment the party chairman Yasin Malik has been met with in custody and on banning JKLF. While giving the details of this activity, the party chief spokesman Muhammad Rafiq Dar said that this five day long sit-in protest is first of its kind in the history of freedom movement of Kashmir that a protest of this nature is being registered against India on the streets and roads of London. On the occasion of concluding session of the protest, the JKLF leaders while delivering their speeches termed it as their right to protest against illegal and arbitrary arrest and ill-treatment Yasin Malik was met with in custody, to protest against banning of a political party like JKLF and to protest against the continued state terrorism by Indian occupational forces in Kashmir. The JKLF leaders during their speeches vowed to continue to do so and warned to spread these protests in rest of the European Countries and USA if their legal and democratic demands are not met with immediate effect, the spokesman said. The protesters on the occasion were carrying banners and play cards depicting the message that Modi is Hitler of South Asia. They raised high pitched slogans in favor of freedom movement and Yasin Malik and against India and against Modi. The play cards were carrying the message that Hitler and Modi are partners in crime against humanity and termed Modi’s approach in Jammu Kashmir as violence mongered, he said.

The spokesman said that the five day long sit-in protest actually started on 29th of April and continued till the evening of 3rdMay wherein the JKLF cadre from London, Luton, Slough, Bedford, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Stoke, Bolton, Oldham, Leeds, Bradford and Walsall branches made their participation possible in the protest in phase wise manner scheduled by the Zonal leadership. Led by the Chairman Diplomatic Bureau JKLF Prof. Raja Zafar Khan, Former Zonal President Sabir Gul, Current Zonal President Syed Tehseen Geelani, Zonal General Secretary Liaqat Lone the protest was led and attended by the Zonal Office bearers and senior party leaders namely; Javed Rasheed, Malik Latief, Sanowar Hussain, Tariq Sharif, Mehmood Faiz, Choudhary Siddique, Mushtaq Malik, Khan Farooq, Khan Asfar, Masoom Ansari, Mumtaz Mirza, Nazam Bhathi, Ehsan Ansari, Ali Asgar, mUhammad Hafeez, Mnzoor Sabri, Muhammad Ali, Fareed Ayaz, Sajid Hussain, Shakeel Jarral, Shabir Kashmiri, Sodagar Hussain, Amjad Nawaz, Sajid Nawaz, Imran Bazmi, Haji Iqbal, Sikandar Iqbal, Tanveer Malik, and Arshad Parvez. However, Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani (president JKCHR) and other leaders of different political parties Zubair-ul-Haq Ansari, Tahir Bostan, Enam-ul-Haq and many more paid their visit to the protesting camp as a token of solidarity with the protesters and with their just cause, the spokesman added.