Owaisi takes command from saffron masters: Salman Nizami 

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By FK WEB DESK on 11/05/2019.


File Picture: Congress leader Salman Nizami

Srinagar, May 11: Congress leader Salman Nizami today said, Assadudin Owaisi who wears saffron chaddi, does everything that will distance the Muslims from Hindus and create ghettos. While addressing a public gathering in Bihar, Nizami said ‘You may think Owaisi is talking for Muslims but in reality he reads the script prepared in Nagpur. He fans communal tension, BJP reaps the benefit.

He further added, Owaisi is working in BJPs payroll to consolidate Hindu votes for them. He deliberately displays a salafi version of Islam to incite fear in Hindus against Islam. This directly benefits his saffron masters. Nizami slammed Asadudin Owaisi and his brother Akbarudin Owaisi for defaming Indian Muslim by spreading hate & communalism.

Nizami said” Owaisi’ game plan is clear. Keep Muslims illiterate. In ghettos. Let them be victimised.

Nizami said Owaisi’s hate politics has been rejected across India,  People stood with INC & didn’t fall for MIM propaganda which is BJP team B, trying to divide Muslims & rule. MIM, despite their best efforts, couldn’t stop the INC blitzkrieg.

Nizami said, the MIM leaders are targeting the Congress by fielding candidates in Muslim dominated seats is only to please BJP & RSS.

Owaisi’s are supporting each and every move of BJP and RSS either directly or indirectly,” he said. He said Owaisi brothers are supporting the Modi Government by remaining silent on the basic issues. They are trying to split the Muslim vote through emotional speeches.