People will defeat falsehood, political exploitation by PDP, NC, Ors: G A Mir

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By GNS on 04/05/2019.

People will defeat falsehood, political exploitation by PDP, NC, Ors: G A Mir

Says victory of Congress amounts to defeating divisive politics

Srinagar May 4: Asserting that there won’t be any compromise on people’s aspirations, dignity and honour which is at stake due to the betrayal and political exploitation by PDP, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee(JKPCC) President and Party Candidate G.A. Mir has said that it is the ultimate goal of the Congress Party to restore confidence among the people, besides ensuring their safety and security.

Mir also hit out at National Conference over misleading people on certain issues, urging people of Pulwama and Shopian not to come under falsehood unleashed by this Party for votes.

G.A. Mir was reviewing the preparations for polling in Pulwama and Shopian on 6th May, holding threadbare discussions over arrangements being shaped for polling in twin districts of South Kashmir

Addressing the Party Workers, G.A. Mir stated that the present elections were a litmus test for the people of south Kashmir, for the fact, it was a fight against BJP RSS, who have vitiated the atmosphere in the country and state for electoral gains.

Lashing out at PDP over comprising on urges and aspiration of people, G.A. Mir said the people of South Kashmir especially Pulwama and Shopian have witnessed bloodshed and injuries to thousands of youth due to the wrong policies adopted by Coalition Govt led by PDP while having worked against the urges and emotions  of people in south Kashmir after getting a good mandate during 2014 Assembly Elections, PDP cannot escape the responsibility of bloodshed, pellets and bullet injuries in South Kashmir, besides the damages caused to peace, he said.

People of South Kashmir especially Pulwama & Shopian should not forget as to how PDP BJP Coalition Govt tortured them under the garb of law & Order problem and how National Conference exploited them, from time to time, for electoral gains and emphasizing them (people) to rise to the occasion to respond to their opportunist politics by ballot, G.A. Mir said.

People have faced the brunt of misrule on the part of previous PDP BJP Govt in the State, which used brute force against the youth, children even elderly persons were no spared causing huge damages to life and property in twin districts of Shopian and Pulwama. The present elections were the best opportunity to defeat divisive politics, besides giving a lesson to both PDP over exploiting and cheating people of south Kashmir for the sake of coming into power, G.A. Mir said.

I take the opportunity of Elections being held in Shopian and Pulwama on Monday and extend my appeal to people of both the districts to show the power of ballot to PDP, NC and others, ensure their defeat, for the fact, they have always used the people for benefitting their families, relatives and friends, by not caring about the emotions and wellbeing, besides development and other problems concerning them (people), G.A. Mir added.

G.A.Mir appealed the people Shopian & Pulwama to ensure the victory of Congress Party from South Kashmir with a thumping majority, for the fact, the vote to Congress party amounts to defeating the BJP RSS menace, besides the politics of opportunism and betrayal on the part of PDP & NC