Pollen Allergy Hits Kashmir Valley Badly

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By KNB on 07/05/2019.

Pollen Allergy Hits Kashmir Valley Badly

Yasmeen Manzoor

Srinagar, May 07: With the onset of  spring season the Kashmir valley starts grappling with pollen-induced allergies causing various health hazards like hay fever, asthama and other related respiratory diseases.

Pollen seeds, fine cottony substances are so light that these float in the air very easily causing various alergies with common symptoms of nasal irritation, running nose, red and watery eyes which may further exacerbate if proper medical advice is not sought by the affected persons.

The poplar trees female variety,locally called as Rusi Frass belong to the botanical family of Salicaceae are the common agents producing pollen with a lot of cotton and is responsible for the allergy.

Earlier, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court in 2015 issued order asking for removal of Russian poplars across the Kashmir valley, since then thousands of poplar trees have been cut in the valley, but every season, the cotton dust is back in the air creating havoc.

“The cottony substances from these poplar trees is adversely affecting our health mostly of elderly people and children. The pollen seed of these trees has given rise to chest diseases in Kashmir, which can become life threatening for us,” Basharat local resident of Noorbagh area said.

Another local Aamir Reshi said, “The pollen from the poplar trees, which float in air during spring is causing many health hazards all over valley, My children have got the pollen allergy and they are constantly sneezing, I am very much worried about their health.”

He further said, “the government authorities should implement the ban order on the allergy inducing poplar trees.”